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  1. tom a payne

    2004 450 EXC what do you think it's worth?

    I would say 2300-2500.
  2. tom a payne

    Advice on which used KTM to buy...

    Both are solid choices. Both have wiring access and both are priced right. I have a 2002 520 mxc bought new and it still runs great, only had the suspensuion revalved, JD kit and Power Now carb mod. and it still has the original top end on it. Not sure how many hours are on the motor, but I assure you it is alot. Change the oil and filters regulary and check the valve lash and the old RFS motors run forever. Only flaw is the water pump gaskets. They love to seep fluid. If you buy one, have fun and it wont let you down. TP
  3. tom a payne

    Dungey's Bike

    Concrats Mr Dungey, Hey ! Mutten Heads,,,, Its only one race ! Hope KTM gets a championship. They have done there home work with out drinking the koolaid..
  4. tom a payne

    Erin Bates ***????

    Erin is one hot Cougar !
  5. What are the odds both #7 and #8 are still healthy by round 5 ? 100/1
  6. tom a payne

    Josh Grant at Jeff Ward Racing - Video

    Grant is a punk and alot of riders are just waiting to pay him back for the dirty style he rides with.
  7. I think that little kid on the number 7 bike will do ok until he takes out half the field then goes out for the remainder and the outdoors...... DOH !
  8. tom a payne

    2 stroke trail bike

    Ha, I do the same thing every few months. 4 strokes are great but if I could get a second bike it would be a 250 two stroke. KTM sx250 or Yamaha yz250. The KTM 300 is a great bike if you only can have one bike but it is so 4 stroke like it doesnt have that hit like the 250's. OMO
  9. tom a payne

    Who's Your Favourite Retired Racer?

    Danny Magoo Chandler... Dude could race a Vespa and be up front...
  10. tom a payne

    more JS7 rumors

    :blush:He's probably waiting to get the house arrest ankle braclet off before he can sign and ride.....
  11. tom a payne

    James Stewart destroyed by money and SX only

    Dude will race again when the gravy trainers run him dry of all his cash. Sad but he is living like an NBA star. Spend it as fas as you make it.... Whoop Whooop.......
  12. tom a payne

    actually stewart should go to..

    Rumor, is he will not be on the yamaha in 2012. Suzuki or Honda. Why dont he and decoster hook up on the Pumpkin and give that a go ?
  13. Lack of focus,,, Pure and simple...
  14. tom a payne

    god in sx

    Wanna hear a racer thank his parents for sacraficing there lives to see there boy go pro. Only hear that from a very few racers.
  15. tom a payne

    Arm Pump: This Worked for Me...

    Try the ''Hammer'' method. Slam your thumb with a hammer and you will forget all about the arm pump////