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  1. has anyone tried the freezing technique on a megabomb? would it wreck the insides bits..?
  2. get a motion pro fork seal cleaner ay
  3. thanks man
  4. hey my clutch has a ridiculously heavy pull,wondering if anyone has had this problem. ? i mite pull it all apart and check it is routed properly, i change my oil every 5 hours, lubing doesnt seem to help either. 30hrs since new. churs p
  5. blacks looking trick, with the rims and all. get an 08, who knows when efi will ever go production. especially on a 250.
  6. some people say wraping your header keeps it hotter therefore makes it more prone to denting
  7. Depends if its in good condition really, if its a bike youve looked after since new for sure itl be competitive, but if your the 4th owner and parts are falling off it then it would definately not be competitive!
  8. anyone know the website for SM pro wheels or who the New Zealand distributor is? churs
  9. thats an angry looking facial expression
  10. hey goin to be over in the saltlake city and san fran from new zealand, for work, and looking for a cheap price on an ignition for a 07 yz250f if any one here has one second hand or know of a dealer in the area who does them cheap? maybe interested in a hi-comp piston and other goodies, 4.1 ti slip on to match my megabomb, carbon fibre stuff etc
  11. has anyone tried one off these DEP boost headers? are they the real deal compared to a megabomb? my standard header on 07 250f is folded and looking to replace it with either the boost header or a ti megabomb
  12. what about DEP S7 systems? whats the thoughts on the system? with the boost 'bomb' header?
  13. is it a ti pipe?
  14. but is it worth it to get a mega bomb over a power bomb?
  15. yeah im kind of wondering if i should get a stainless powerbomb instead of a ti megabomb, stonger and $200 cheaper