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  1. dirtbikeq

    Testing the SSr yx165

    I dont hate them,I just dont like when the company say their better than a builted klx110 when we know it aint.SSr never said this or do the pay ppl to lie or have certain vendors lie for them.I state the facts of the bike's I ride and tell it like it is.would I buy the ssr I rode yeah if the kiker didnt bend or it wasnt hard to start (but that can be fixed) but it would have to be just the way they had it setup for blose,since our setting are the same.those bike's we rode were made and setup for a pro,but I wouldnt think their all going to be that way,but it show's that with the xtra money you can get it really good,I see why blose go 2nd in his race and won one.I just wounder how long those yx150 motors can last with them getting pounded every week in and out.by a pro rider,or a aggrasive rider,that knows what he's doing.in cali we ride year round so we need bike's that last months and years without breaking down,I was on the same motor since last minimotoSx and still is on it after this one,without a piston or topend change,just oil every 2 rides and tubes here and their,hell even my suspension has not been changedsince then and I ride 2 or 3 times a week on big bike tracks and dont hold backand hit everything thats doable.so a china bike would have to meet those certain requirements,in cali.cuz we ride all the time.ppl know what our weather is like so its always time to ride.
  2. dirtbikeq

    Testing the SSr yx165

    this is some picture's of us testing the SSr bike's in cali at milestone last sat.#35 and #28 the #28 had a Dohc and both the Blose Vegas bike's the only thing I didnt like was the kick starter bent. but these bike were 100 times better then the pitster's we tested and other china bike's and the revamped frame was a definit plus.this bike felt pretty clost to my $11k klx110.the password is rideday. http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b352/dirtbikeq/Milestine%20RideDay/ my bike is#176. this was shade rideday.
  3. just to let you know,that the suspension being stiff had nothing to do with you crashing,most unless your a pro dont know that set bouncing on the wrong jump or lip will cause this also.not saying you dont know how but on a pitbike it wayyyyy different then on a big bike,on a pitbike you do it and as your taking off you lean forward to balance the bike center of gravity.if you just seatbounce and dont move it will pitch you forward,throwing you over the bars.to learn on pitbikes start with small jumps with only a single and no landing or jump after,cuz if you do it the other way and dont pull it off right you can end up with a seperation.
  4. dirtbikeq


    I think the rideday at milestone mx park in ca last sat had something to do with that,we pounded the shit out of them,we tested blose vegas bike and it handled and dug in and tracked perfect.this bike felt 100 times better then the pitster's we rode it had the yx150 with a stroke,v2 head,fmf 4.1 pipe and the motor was done by pax racing,here's us testing it its # 35 with and #28.the password is rideday.http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b352/dirtbikeq/Milestine%20RideDay/
  5. dirtbikeq

    reed, will he show up ?

    the number 1 plate means nothing thats sx no mx he's not the last year champ,langston was/
  6. 7 101 118 hamblin hill lites dung canard villo lawrence
  7. dirtbikeq

    ***KLX/DRZ 110 SGR Front end kit Sale***

    this is funny.
  8. dirtbikeq

    NCC 177, 180 , and soon to be released 184

    majority of them dont even ride their monster motors to it full power,they just break the stuff on the china bikes then it all adds up to a built klx110.
  9. dirtbikeq

    NCC 177, 180 , and soon to be released 184

    the difference is jap and china which we all know china stuff is crap.
  10. dirtbikeq

    New SSR 110 A1 what to do first

    dont forget life insurance when rideing any china bike.
  11. dirtbikeq

    j-law in vegas

    he had bike problems,so he pulled off.no biggie he had nothing to prove,thats being smart rv and rd had something to prove,neither was the east or west champ.
  12. dirtbikeq

    James at GH

    let the show begin..
  13. dirtbikeq

    Good Pit Bikes

    build a honda or klx110 dont mess with these china bike's some lie about their bike's and some dont,some will say they have countless hours on their bike's while some say theirs are the best if its a china then look at where they say and see what their weather is like that will tell you right their,most ppl that go china dont have the money to build a klx110 or crf50/70 so they settle for a china.
  14. dirtbikeq

    Pitster Pro X4R Production Issues

    it a war that you wont win,their are two different types of ppl,you got ppl that stand behind chinas (pitsters,ogm,ssr) these ppl are on a budget and ride bikes in the fields or woods,just look at the female that posted he self and kid and said he pitster rips, really would you take advice from a female that dont race,no!!!!!!she dont know what rips she just follows what every pitster owner say's even on planetpitster its like that,half of these riders dont even ride these bikes all year long as weather wont let them.no the other ppl like quality and will spend the money on what will last but others complain and dont have the the money,so they settle for something less quality.
  15. dirtbikeq

    pitster problems

    r you and hackmunch on pitster payrole cuz you guys always seem to defend them as also your son matt441 to