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  1. tPR

    Suzuki DRZ 3 day trip to Jordan.

    petra is not enough... u should take a jeep trip next time for at least 2 days in the desert... cheers!
  2. tPR

    Suzuki DRZ 3 day trip to Jordan.

    yeah, the area surronding Wadi Rum was my fav, we were in that area the first day. certain areas just looked like DUNE. and me, i'm crazy about the desert u should be sorry... it was fantastilicious...!
  3. tPR

    Suzuki DRZ 3 day trip to Jordan.

    no, of course not. they only let horses and donkies in with or without carriges, so walking is the only other option. but it's good, it lets u look around and see that amzing place to details. yes, those ATV's are street legal in Israel, thus we got them over to Jordan.
  4. tPR

    Suzuki DRZ 3 day trip to Jordan.

    mine r pirelli mt16 front, and mitas on the back. work quite well... and yeah, those rocks were horrible... plus, just to let u'all know, i'm the one with the all red-black moose m1 suit.
  5. hey all following my last thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=495800 we now have all the pics from jordan on galleries, so u can all watch. unfortunately, all the stories and the articles(including mine), are in hebrew, but if some of u would still like to see them, post here and i'll link them. have fun! galleries' links: Fullgaz Gallery 4x4.co.il (some the same pics)
  6. tPR

    Jordan, here I come!

    that's nice to hear and quite true... Tel-Aviv, by the way.
  7. tPR

    Jordan, here I come!

    yes, of course, Dr.Z is my DRZ... unless you meant for the story part. anyhow, this trip is sponsered and arranged via the Suzuki importer here in Israel. so only suzies are allowed about the magazine, although i've sent some t-shirts to the states, i'm afraid no, few may have heard of it in the states(except some related to the site and live in the states, and one of my fav's gear and parts dealer). a quite respectable online magazine called FullgaZ. other then FGZ, there's a printed motorcycle magazine (not related to FGZ), and is quite shitty, i must say. so, we rule! anyhow, i promise to upload as many pics as i'll be able to, when the story gets online.
  8. tPR

    Jordan, here I come!

    Guys, just got word from the motorcycle magazine editor I am working with, that i am headed to Jordan next week, to cover a 4 day off-road trip! part of a main headline story i have to write afterwards, but hey, that's cool work! My Dr.Z is gonna see some intresting landscapes soon I will be sure to post the pics and some words afterwards...
  9. tPR

    Braking 320mm Rotor Question

    +1 the disc will fit with all other OEM just push back the pistions carfuly.
  10. tPR

    what air filters

    twin air. street & dirt...
  11. tPR

    Adobe Illustrator DRZ Graphics kit Template

    if anyone wants if in various vector formats/versions, PM. freehand, illustrator.
  12. tPR

    Adobe Illustrator DRZ Graphics kit Template

    strange, there's that hole in the shroud that's missing. other then that, looks good. could have used this sometime ago, when i made custom graphics for my stolen SM. might be making new graphics for the yellow S i have now though. cheers!
  13. tPR

    RMZ tank+shrouds on DRZ400

    ahhh, i see.. but they do have some resemblance...
  14. i've searched the entire forum, but haven't seen a single thread regarding this subject.. any of u guys saw this mod? RMZ(probably 450) tank and shrouds on a drz: looks intresting...