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  1. KAWI9RR

    HEli-Coil Question

    I used the helicoil kit in my 01 yz250f and it ended up pulling out again. So I saw alot of replies on this forum about www.timesert.com, inserts. They are a complete sleeve not just a wound coil like the helicoils. I ended up using the timesert on my 01 and my buddys 03 yz250f and both are perfect. Pull off the complete side cover and drill and tap it from the inside and insert the timesert from the inside also. I know it sounds like its alot of work but its really not it took about an hour to do both bikes. The timesert kit is about 80 - 90 dollars but in my opinion is worth it. Since Ive done it on both bikes Ive had no problems . The kit you need is M6 x 1.0 and also get an extra 12.0 mm length insert because the one included with the kit isnt long enough. Luckily enough for me I have a timesert company only 15 minutes from my house. They ship anywhere. Hope this helps.
  2. Is it really that easy? It looks like that will be my next mod. Where do you get it cheapest online? website addresses, please
  3. KAWI9RR

    Dr 350 Troubles.

    Try checking the valve adjustment. If they're too far out it will be real tough to start. I had the same issue when i bought my dr350. Try push starting it in 2nd or 3rd gear if it starts easily pushing it and not kicking it its the valves. These are the same symptoms I had.
  4. KAWI9RR

    bike creeps forward

    My bike did the same thing and last night I fixed it. Pull off the clutch cover and take out the 5 bolts holding the cltch plates in and install 6mm washers on the bolts(the washers must fit inside of the springs). It wont help just adjusting the clutch alone, this is a common problem on the yz250f. For a more detailed explanation go to thumperfaq.com. Go to free mods-common free mods-clutch mods in that order. It fixed my clutch problems perfectly!
  5. Definatly Superchips, my buddy has an 01 gmc k1500 and uses the superchips and gets more hp and torque while getting 2mpg better mileage! I have an 03 dodge 1500 hemi and use the superchips and get more torque and hp with a small gain in mpg. I have never used the hypertech but have read on many different forums they are not as good as the superchips. Also on the chevy/gmc you can adjust tranny shift points with the SC.
  6. The F41 is a great bike for a beginner as long as you dont drive it like you stole it! Two of my friends both bought them as their first bikes and did fine with them. The one question I have is you say its a 99 F4i , but the F4i's didnt come out until 2001. Is it an older style 99 f4 ? The difference is the F4i is fuel injected (a huge bonus, and much easier to tune for a beginner than a carb.) One thing to look for on both motors is a rattling noise in the engine, these bikes have a bad cam chain tensioner design which if not taken care of can lead to big problems.As for the need for a bigger bike, a 600 is more than enough if you REALLY know how to ride!