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  1. jonda99

    WANTED - Pink PW50

    Hey, I have a pink PW50 I'm trying to sell. I had it on craigslist earlier, but the only interested party was on the east coast, and shipping it was proving to be a pain in the butt. So, needless to say, I'm not interested in shipping, but could meet halfway I guess for gas money. I'm in Boise. If you'd like pics and more info, email me at jonda99@msn.com.
  2. jonda99

    Oreana Results

    Well, I finished!!! Whew! But I should have stuck with C class instead of letting my buddy talk me into Vet B. Yeah, I'm one of the slow fat kids.
  3. jonda99

    Best Smelling Race Gas

    I used to buy stuff for my race car from Summit. You can get all kinds of flavors. I liked grape best.
  4. jonda99

    Please Help, Is My KX450F's Motor Fried

    Hi, thought maybe some of you could provide some help. I'm looking for my brother in law who just smoked his '06 450F by putting the filter in backwards. According to mechanic the piston tried to go sideways in cylinder. Bad news huh? So, we're both new to catostrophic repairs, can some of you suggest where to get parts to begin the healing process? I was referred to Luke's Racing, and they seem pretty reasonable. Pro Circuit seemd like they could care less if they got his business. Also, we know we need cylinder, and piston kit, any other suggestions on what to check out besides rod and crank? Thanks in advance.
  5. jonda99

    Rekluse Interchange

  6. jonda99

    Rekluse Interchange

    Does anyone know if a Rekluse from a TXR450R will fit my CRF450R? I've found a used one from the TXR, and beats the heck out of the new price. Thanks.
  7. jonda99

    Output Shaft Seal Replacement

    Thanks loco! I was hoping it would be that simple. I appreciate the re:
  8. I hope someone can help. The output shaft seal on my '05 450R is leaking, and the local (loco) dealership said they would need to crack the case to replace it. I didn't think that sounded right. Has anyone done that, and can it be done with regular hand tools. I'm fairly mechanically inclined, but most of my experiance is on cars.
  9. jonda99

    Repair/Service Manual?

    I love your sign in!!!!!! I too would like the same info.
  10. jonda99

    Going Back To 2 wheels.

    I've seen advertised, and was told by a friend it might be a good idea for my climate, that there is an inline heat sink that might help keep the coolant a few degrees cooler. Has anyone tried one of these? I haven't had a problem with the coolant, but if it would keep things a little cooler I might try it.
  11. jonda99

    trail set a 05 crf450r?

    I'm fortunate to work with people that helped develop the Rekluse clutch, and helped test it. They said it makes a bike work better for hill climbing, and eliminates the need for a heavier flywheel. Every rider I talked to who had ridden a bike equipped with the Rekluse raved about it. I even checked other forums on this site, and I haven't been able to find one bad post about it. So, I've ordered one for me CRF450R. No, I haven't ridden one equipped with it, but I ride my bike like yours and asked around about using it for off-road riding and was told it makes the bike tons easier to ride trails, and race. Good luck, I don't think you'd go wrong on the Rekluse base don what I've read and heard.
  12. jonda99

    CRF 450R good first bike?

    This month I went from a '99XR250 to an '05 CRF450R. HOLY CRAP!!!!! What a difference. With the limited experience I had, I think I would have killed myself on the 450. Who know, I still may. I think the guys suggesting the 250X are right on the money for a beginner bike.
  13. jonda99

    riding in snow..

    Hey man. For what it's worth, I tried riding in the snow last winter and it was the worse riding I'd ever done. Not fun for me, but I don't have a ton of experience either. It was in 4 inches of kind of wet snow on a gravel road, and the front wheel wanted to wash out constantly. Maybe with a different riding position it could have been better, but I doubt I'll ever try it again. Maybe someone else has advice to make it successful, but it was a crappy riding experience for me.