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  1. moto_x_man64

    Hollister Hills MX TRack!!!

    Pictures as of 2/16/07 They said today that it should open tomorrow. http://home.csumb.edu/s/shawbrian/world/mxtrackpage/HollisterHillsMXtrack2-16-7.html
  2. moto_x_man64

    Hollister Hills MX TRack!!!

    I will be there 2/16/07 and I will try to take current pictures. I called them today and they said it would be go to go by 2/17/07 but maybe I can be the first one on the track by the end of the day tomorrow. Here are pictures as of 2/9/07 http://home.csumb.edu/s/shawbrian/world/mxtrack1.jpg http://home.csumb.edu/s/shawbrian/world/mxtrack2.jpg http://home.csumb.edu/s/shawbrian/world/mxtrack3.jpg http://home.csumb.edu/s/shawbrian/world/mxtrack4.jpg
  3. moto_x_man64

    Hollister Hills MX TRack!!!

    Pictures as of 2/9/7
  4. moto_x_man64

    Store @ Hollister hills

    Ron will be missed..... I can ember in the 80's ... Ron fabricated a clutch cable for my bike and was able to ride it home to Santa Cruz "Honda 250 enduro"..... Since he has been a friend and always had time to talk. Gunna miss that old pony tailed short pants coot... New owner needs step up and stock up........
  5. moto_x_man64

    Twins @ Hollister Hills, CA

    I race up it. I can ride a wheelie all the way up it. I stand on my seat and ride up it. I stand on my seat and sometime ride the wheelie as well. Easy hill once your used to it. YZ250 smoker XR650L WR200RD watch for my number "64" next time your out there. http://home.csumb.edu/s/shawbrian/world/