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  1. SX Exposed is the DVD magazine that gets the best coverage of the pros during the racing curcuit. The magazine has behind the scenes footage and coverage of every race. The newest issue titled "Stewart's New Beginning" covers James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael and Chad Reed's struggle for the championship. This is a must have for Supercross fans!
  2. socal123

    Nate Adams to check out

    Hell Yeah, Nate is sick, and hopefully will do good in his upcoming contests!
  3. socal123

    Nate Adams to check out

    Yup, this is my first post and yup you could call that advertsiment, because I liked the documentary, am a fan of Nate and yeah i want to do free advertisement for him. I hope you don't have a problem if I am new on the network. Think twice before talking
  4. Hey guys, I just watched the Nate Adams new documentary Full Circle. It is so good! I just wanted to drop a note and advice you to check it out. You're gonna love it, especially if you like Nate! Let me know what your thoughts are!