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  1. george maybroda

    Here is my USD build thread!

    i posted this before because i wanted to get a set of 650 r forks for my xr 400. anyone know how much of these part are direct bolt on's and how much i will need to fab? any help would be great.
  2. george maybroda

    Jetting question

    i read a lot of post by people that have jetting questions and it seems that they say if i do x and y then my jetting should be this. that is fine for a base line but you really have to tune the bike until it is where you want it. i don't remove the carb to change the main jet. the xr's have more than enough clearance to get to it with the carb still on by removing the jet access cap on the bottom of the bowl. i have all the gordons mods doen and my pipe is stock with the inners removed. everything removed!!!! when i bought the bike it was than way. my current jetting is 60 pilot 162 main and 2 1/2 turns out on the fuel screw. the thing ran much better than it did when i got it but still acts like it wants more fuel when i am hitting on the main. several other factors play in such as altitude and temp. the colder it gets the leaner the bike runs. kepp going and i'm sure you'll get it.
  3. george maybroda

    xr 650 forks on my xr 400

    i just bought the bike. i really like it. i race a ktm 520 in h/s comp. that bike has 97 rm 250 twin chamber conventionals on it. they are 49 mm forks and are awesome off road. the xr forks leave me wanting. i was thinking of swapping the xr 400 forks with xr 650 forks. they are 46mm i beleive. i like the flex of the conventionals. i feel it is better for woods. what i need to know is....is it a direct bolt up..has anyone done it and if so what does it take??? thanks in advance.
  4. george maybroda

    rich or lean?

    normally a bogg is a lean condition. i would use the old pilot do the test correctly and go from there. a quicker way to test rich/lean cindition is tape the air box and see if it helps or gets worse. tape off maybe half of the air box but not all. if it feals better than you are lean. if it gets worse you are rich.
  5. george maybroda

    07 and prices?

    ashame about the 5 speed. i ride a yz now and am completely thrilled with it, but if the kx was a 5 speed i probably never would have bought the yz. kawasaki would explode into gncc and national enduro scene if that beast had one more gear.
  6. george maybroda

    Bomb Start

    mine starts every time. assuming your jetting is cool bring the kick starter to were you feel the most resistence. then bring it all the way up and use the decomp to bump the piston just past tdc. you should feel the kick starter move about an inch. bring it all the way back up and kick it hard. should fire. do not use the throttle.
  7. george maybroda

    2001 husqvarna 400 te

    i am trying to get maximum power output with my 2001 400 te. it's jetted and has a ferracci pipe. any other constructive ideas. any help would be awesome.
  8. george maybroda

    anyone want trade 4 stroke for a 2000 wr 360

    oh no, the 550 is about to breath new life. i snapped the teeth off the back of the clutch basket. the part was $456 new. i found one on ebay for $80. it should be here friday.after dr fuginstein and i get her back together we will be well on our way to my untimely death. i'm just not sure that the 550 is the bike for dead engine starts.
  9. george maybroda

    anyone want trade 4 stroke for a 2000 wr 360

    i have a 2001 husqvarna 400te. it was my race bike. it is in good condition. it starts easy and pulls forever but doesn't have the abrupt power of a 2 stroke. it has ferracci exhaust and suspension. rings were just replaced. has a wer steerng stablizer,bark busters, hand guards, comes with extra filter and new front brake pads. it sounds like your bike would be a better fit for the type of riding i do. contact me if your interested. i'm in elkton md. alphadogg@comcast.net