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  1. justride

    ride at enoree friday6th

    you wanna slow 443thumper down just put him on a track its a whole different story.
  2. justride

    The new addition to my 2 wheel family...

    sweet ride.
  3. justride

    Weekday (play hookie) ride at Brushy Mtn.

    its a possibility see how work goes
  4. justride

    Carolina Adventure World

    I wouldn't bet on that.One big accident will solve everthing.Ask all the other track owners.
  5. justride

    Carolina Adventure World

    There open?
  6. justride

    Lakeside MX 1/21/07

    sounds good.
  7. justride

    Brushy Mountain Fri. 1/12/07

    there also the new trail that is very hard if it rains at all forget about it.
  8. justride

    brushy dec.26 or 27

    It was a good time.
  9. justride

    new to western north carolina

    Where is this hurricane creek what exirt off 40.Don't know the places your describing.
  10. justride

    brushy dec.26 or 27

    I will be there tomorrow around 10;00.Gold minivan.weather shuold be great
  11. justride

    brushy dec.26 or 27

    I'm aiming towards wednesday.
  12. There will be when i put a cap in someone ass.
  13. justride

    Gonna try Lakeside this Saturday 12/16

    What the shredule when there open.
  14. justride

    Who's going to Carolina Adventure Dec 22 / 23 ??

    All I know if theres no one way trails you wont see me there.Way to Dangerous.If you cant ride all out whats the reason to ride.I hope they change there minds.
  15. justride

    mountain biking

    thanks for the replys.Anyone wants to go ride mtb give a post.I was hopin for places nearby.Merry Christmas