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  1. does anyone know, if there is a torrent of the mx pre saison show that was aired on 9th of may? or any other possiblities to see this show? slicknick610 hasnt uploaded it yet. thx 4 infos.
  2. Supercross

    first of all, i would describe myself to be more js-hater than js-lover. but we all have to admit, he has incredible skills, he is/was a shiny figure and has done well for our sport to distribute it to a very big and new range of people. he helped creating the "new" style of riding dirtbike as well and he got balls to try new/different things on a track. does not matter if its a jump, a rythem section or something else. the only problem he has is his mind, his focus isnt there anymore. but the most embarrassing thing about js is, that the "former fastest man on a planet" still claims, his goal is to beat jeremy´s supercross main-wins record. i only can laugh my ass off, by hearing that. rv will soon overtake js in this list.
  3. Supercross

    serioulsy, fingers are crossed. hopefully it will work!!
  4. Supercross

    here is this section from another view and angle. btw, this is one of the best vids ever:
  5. Supercross

    yes its zach´s bike. bummer
  6. Supercross

    according to the rider-list from this page, almost everybody is going to race the mec; i highly doubt this
  7. Motocross

    dungey without nike-boots? i dont think so
  8. Motocross

    langston/rattray southafricans and townley from newzealand! jmb/vuillemin/pourcel/musquin all from france. only god roczen is from europe but not france; he is german
  9. Supercross

    heezay, thaaaaaanks
  10. Supercross

    can somebody tell me, who creates all this sick beats for the dirtshark vids? someone in the comments said "joe HODGES", but on youtube i only find some monobike vids with this name! thxalot
  11. Motocross

    has somebody recorded this show?? or is there a possibility to watch it online?? really want to see it. season 1 was so damn nice.
  12. really nice vid i have to say. enjoyed it! btw awesome skills.
  13. @jusa: thx, i think the really have got such a product: ive already sent them an email and wait for reply. thxalto br
  14. hi! the last weeks ive big problems with my fingerjoints when and days after i was riding. maybe the problem belongs to my new cheap grips. but if not, im interested in such a phds kit for my rmz. but i dont want to buy a xtrig triple clamp. is there a version or an other brand that offers the phds kit or a similar one for standard clamps of my rmz450 2007? im talking about this handlebar mounts:〈=EN&uid= thxalot!
  15. holy crap! awesome