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  1. I did all the filming of the rider. All video was shot using a tripod and gopro stick
  2. I'm no editing Pro. I do these just for fun. I like how this one came out so please enjoy! Thanks
  3. Here is a video i made of two good friends ripping it up in the woods. These guys have been riding and racing most of their lives. I filmed them on our local trail, and only using one Gopro. Super fun day! My edit could've been cleaner, but its a learning process. Not to mention i'm working with outdated software. So anyways. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhfVFd3mv8c
  4. Here's a little vid i put together from the event. Enjoy.
  5. Well I'm not far from the NY border, so yes it should look similar. As a matter of fact I recently did the Ridge Run Enduro in Deposit NY
  6. Here is a little film i put together of a local 'B' rider Enjoy!
  7. Thanks!
  8. Just having fun on the local trails. I was also trying out my make shift tripod. Enjoy!
  9. I raced the Ridge Run Enduro this past Sunday and I had a blast. Here is a little edit of the race. Enjoy!
  10. forgot to mention that i still have the stock pipe on this bike. Does anyone have a common jetting setup?
  11. The guy I bought this bike from had the bike jetted with a JD kit. He then had the carb sent out to Tokyo mods for them to jet. As i been riding the bike i notice that it pops a lot on deceleration. I'm talking a lot. I was so fed up with the popping that i reinstalled the JD kit. After following the instructions I ran the bike and the popping is better but not gone. Current setup: JD needle (blue) clip on third ring JD main jet 172 recommended fuel mixture screw it out 1-1/4 turn. As noted above the popping is less but not gone, and when the bike does pop i have a slight to moderate flame exiting the exhaust (on high revs/high speed deceleration). I'm at a loss. Is there a pilot jet that needs adjusting? Do these model KTMs pop a lot. Even Flame? Any ideas on what i should do.. thanks
  12. Ha! Yes he is!
  13. I would have to agree. I'm proud to say that was the only time i dropped the bike.
  14. Looking at my lap times on the results page. Lap 1, 3, and 4 were all around 27mins+/-. Lap 2 (the off course lap) my time with 39mins +/-. I was consistent through out the whole race. How did they come up with that? Either way i had a blast! I'm most certainly looking forward to doing it again!
  15. Here is a quick edit of last Sundays race. Watch in HD! Enjoy!