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  1. Jared111

    A daft question no doubt but still...

    It has an intended purpose. When you brake hard or land from a jump, it keeps the brake line from snagging on or behind the number plate....when the suspension returns...you risk stretching/ruining your brake line. I have cut mine off in the past to look cool, but after learning myself I leave it on all my bikes......and I run pro-taper bars. Go ahead and cut it off to be cool guy, but you won't look to cool when your front brakes fail and you cant use your brakes........good question though...most people dont know.
  2. after gas and oil are inserted. hold your front brake, and push forward a few times to pump the front forks up and down a few times. this will help slosh the gas around so you can mix it. (dont fill all the way, to allow space for sloshing)
  3. Jared111

    450 to 250

    the 450 is nice to ride through the woods, if you know how to ride a bike, and if you know how to rail trails. the 250 two stroke is nice also. I would have to say by experience, that an expert rider would do better on a 450, and any other rider would do better on a 250 smoker. i have never had an overheating problem or nothing on my 450. and no matter what it will chug through the trails....it all depends on rider and preference. if you are a spode though...dont take a 450 in the woods...take a 250 i can only laugh at imagining your fate.....
  4. Jared111

    Ouch....AKA OGM SX 150 pro ride report

    i was there riding today.....i heard that by the end of the summer an intermediate style sx track was being built.....i think pitbikes would have a blast on that kind of track
  5. Jared111

    NC Rider Connection Thread

    24 Raleigh 2006 YZ450 developing nice trails to rip on in louisburg out at NCMP Used to race motocross...switching over to harescrambles operation domination NCMP's trails have some nice harescramble training loops GOOD STUFF
  6. Jared111

    MX Families look'n 4...

    in the dead of the winter....mornings are right around freezing........the sun comes out and warms up the track and by mid morning/noon the tracks and trails are primo. if camping is not an ideal situation there is lodging in nearby hotels in louisburg and henderson
  7. Jared111

    Raleigh, NC Area?

    if you guys knew anything about riding a bike threw a trail, then you would agree that NCMP's trails are top notch. they are the best to get a good rip on close to raleigh
  8. Jared111

    WR to YZ cam timing. Advantages?

    i have a 03 wr450 and i changed the timing to yz it runs but it doesnt start when its hot .you have to bumb start it to go do i need to buy a 03 yz ex cam?help