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    Ediots in front of us at Supercross

    I think many people have a messed up idea of what dope is. Regardless of a persons opinion, it's hypocritical to celebrate freedom while at the same time limiting adults' right to do what they want with their bodies (when nobody else is harmed). People can smoke, ingest coffee and consume a wide range of prescription pharmaceuticals. People can and do drink themselves into oblivion; as a health care worker, I see this every day, between assaults, accidents, and general stupidity. Can't say I've seen many pot related emergencies! Perhaps a couple of anxiety attacks. I agree that smoking dope in front of thousands of people is disrespectful (and a major heat score). It is, however, ignorant and judgemental to paint all 'dope smokers' with one brush, just as it would be ignorant to say anyone who drinks is a loser. Hope nobody's overly offended, I just wanted to make the point.
  2. tubby tub

    DRZ 400 vs XT 350?

    The DRZ seems a bit steep for a 2001, unless it's got no miles on it. My buddy has the XT, and he's always jealous as hell. It's good to be informed, but keep your eyes open into the springtime and see what shows up.