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  1. NH Bill

    Toyota tundra?

    I have an "05 Tundra and I love it. But if you don't need a full size truck then why buy one? Used to have an '00 Ram with the 360 cid. Loved that too, but it was for hauling a lot of crap. Got the Tundra because now I only need to haul my dirt bike and what ever my wife decides to buy at the furnature store. Got the limited and its great. Bill
  2. NH Bill

    Pushing the bike in the truck??

    I got an ATV tri-fold ramp at Pep Boys for $99.99, I use that and some muscle to get my DRZ400E into my truck. A running start doesn't hurt. When I was younger and my truck was lower... I used to run it up a single ramp and step up onto the tailgate. Can't do that anymore.
  3. DRZ to start out, then surf around.
  4. NH Bill

    O/T: so what do the Drz'ers drive?

    I ride a '96 FLSTC on the tarred trails. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d49/badpro1/2005_0111bike0008.jpg I cart my DRZ around in an '05 Tundra
  5. NH Bill

    Clutch question

    I ride up here in New Hampshire where we have the mud covered roots and rocks. I have crareened into these obstacles at a high rate of speed more than once and have had to slow down very quickly. I learned to shift without the clutch by letting off the gas to unload the gearbox and changing gears up or down. I find this really handy when I don't want to let go of the hand grips with any of my white knuckled fingers. With practice you get good at it. I've never had to have my transmision rebuilt.