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  1. I have an "05 Tundra and I love it. But if you don't need a full size truck then why buy one? Used to have an '00 Ram with the 360 cid. Loved that too, but it was for hauling a lot of crap. Got the Tundra because now I only need to haul my dirt bike and what ever my wife decides to buy at the furnature store. Got the limited and its great. Bill
  2. I got an ATV tri-fold ramp at Pep Boys for $99.99, I use that and some muscle to get my DRZ400E into my truck. A running start doesn't hurt. When I was younger and my truck was lower... I used to run it up a single ramp and step up onto the tailgate. Can't do that anymore.
  3. DRZ to start out, then surf around.
  4. I ride a '96 FLSTC on the tarred trails. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d49/badpro1/2005_0111bike0008.jpg I cart my DRZ around in an '05 Tundra
  5. I ride up here in New Hampshire where we have the mud covered roots and rocks. I have crareened into these obstacles at a high rate of speed more than once and have had to slow down very quickly. I learned to shift without the clutch by letting off the gas to unload the gearbox and changing gears up or down. I find this really handy when I don't want to let go of the hand grips with any of my white knuckled fingers. With practice you get good at it. I've never had to have my transmision rebuilt.