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  1. zabooda

    Here we go again. SB 5622

    No state land riding for me and be sure to get your off road permits in Oregon at $10 for two years and they do put the money back to the trails. If someone gets too greedy then sometimes they get nothing. BTW, I got word that at Juniper Dunes (BLM) they are now doing a zero tolerance on no flags and the fine is a hefty $150. Ouch. If your flag breaks off then you had better take a picture.
  2. I go boating in places where there is also good riding and having a dual sport that would help for break downs. So I was thinking about adding a receiver to my 83 Class A motorhome and the frame goes right up to the bumper on the P30 chassis so I'm not concerned for the mounting but I'm not sure how the bike will affect the cooling of the motorhome engine. The radiator would be about 1.5 feet from the bike so I think there would be adequate air movement around the bike. I plan to use the MX Hauler for the bike. The bike would ride below the windshield so there will be little obstuctions except for the air around the radiator. Has anyone had experience with this type of setup?
  3. I agree orofino is by far the best price. No MSRP there. Tri-cities KTM are a good bunch to work with but sell at MSRP.
  4. zabooda

    05' DRZ400s good deal?

    I just bought a new 2005 DRZ400S (actually it is used with 10 miles on it) from this Wisconsin dealer for $4400 + $400 shipping to the west coast. Should be getting it in a week. http://www.roadtrackandtrail.com/