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  1. aweesan

    Baja TT Ride Report

    I hope I can be ready by the next ride! If anyone has qualms about going to Mexco: don't-- it really is a great place. I know the gang just happened to be there as Carnival (Mexico/Latin&South America's Mardi Gras) which attracts all kinds, esp. the thieves. One way we get around some of the $ issues with our big trips are the following: 1) find out lodging prices in advance. 2) tell eveyone that once you say you're in, you're in. If you can't make it for any reason, you either have to pay or find someone to go & pay in your spot. 3) any items such as food/drinks/gas that is purchased for the group (within a reasonable budget), you keep the receipts and divvy up at the end, so have people allow for $50-100 just in case. Not saying it is what works here, but it's a good start If you have the totals for what it cost this time, I'd use those as your preliminary numbers for next trip's budget. Also, the smaller groups may help in the smaller costs-- and maybe less stops (or stop for less duration) at restaurants and maybe have a few rides with bag lunches, cliff bars, beef jerky, nibble foods to keep you going. BTW, Jason's trip to mootown is my new screensaver Muahaha! (j/k babe!)
  2. aweesan

    Clutch replacement!!!!

    Hehe, We did find this though, something much cheaper than probably the OEM parts but should work just fine: Thanks to-- > http://www.motionpro.com/Docs/servicetools_3.html Honda Oil Filter & Clutch Hub Spanner Made of heat-treated steel. Use with a 3/8"-drive ratchet. The inside diameter is 24mm. Designed to fit oil filter & clutch hub on many Honda models (single and twin-cylinder machines). Fits: most pre-78 CB, CL, CT, SL & XL models, XR200 80-84, XR200R 81-94, XR250L 91-94, XR250R 86-94 & GL1000 75-77 Part Number: 08-0015 Sug. Retail: $9.90 An acquaintance of my boyfriend's, who has several Honda dirt bikes, said that all he's needed to complete the clutch replacement was this tool only. I'll test out that statement and give you my .02 cents right afterwards!
  3. aweesan

    Clutch replacement!!!!

    All I could find was this, in response to the specialty tools: http://crfsonly.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4400 BTW: thanks crf250old guy and http://www.czdeli.com/english/cpjje5_1.htm *I'm hoping they work on my other CBR as well (hoping they are generic Honda tools) instead of being a barely used tool that costs a butt- ton Here is a schematic, in case anyone else needs:
  4. aweesan

    Clutch replacement!!!!

    Are these the specialty tools I've been hearing that you'll need to remove the oil slinger, etc? Also, about how much do they all run? If anyone has the part numbers, could you please post? Thanks!!!
  5. aweesan

    Desert Tanks for the 230/150 ???

    After an exhaustive search, there hasn't been any aftermarket higher capacity tanks made for the 230 yet. That isn't to say that someone around here isn't clever enough to build one- I'm sure if I ask a few of my metal fab. friends I could fenagle one However, I'd just tow the extra containers and tool about. Aside from the clutch issue that I had from when I got it that held me back from testing out how far I could go out in Occotillo Wells in San Diego County, I've heard that you can at least get 50-60 miles out of it, so just plan your trip accordingly!! Please let me know too, if any extra cap. tanks come out... I'm dying to test out some parts of Baja!!!
  6. aweesan

    Project Crf230F...the untold story.

    Hey!! I just wanted to say "thank you!" This is my first dirt bike and after reading part 1, I was able to put the know-how to good use in about an hour, right after Christmas dinner and hit the trails the next day! I can attest to letting the 230 breathe and richening the fuel intake has really helped to beef it up- let alone just removing the baffle makes it sound more like a real bike and not a lawn mower I'm looking forward to implementing the next round of upgrades! Thanks A LOT!!!! *Happy Holidays!