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  1. longthrottle

    Vortex/tokyomods x10 ignition

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but does anyone have any updates or feedback from their own testing of what the 10 CRF450 Tokyo Mods or Vortex maps really are? I have one of each boxes and am trying to understand which one is best for each type of riding I do.
  2. longthrottle

    Tokyo Mods 10 map ignition???

    Anyone have a sheet of the Tokyo Mod or Vortex maps for 05-07 CRF450?? Can you post it if you have it? Thanks!
  3. longthrottle

    '06 CRF450 Cam chain off the gear

    Thanks for the info everyone. The bike is upright on a hydraulic stand, but the crank turned when I was putting the cam back on. I looks like I'll just take the ignition cover off and and get it back on that way. I have a CRF450 performance handbook and there's some nice color pics in there that I saw last night that show how to install a different flywheel and I notice that gear was accessible there. I started to take the cover off yesterday but then thought that the gear was in the case. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks again!
  4. I was shimming my valves today and somehow the cam chain came off the cam chain gear attached to the crank. I tried carefully to thread the chain back on through the head and turning the crank in hopes that it would catch, but no luck. I mounted the cam back on with the sprocket and tried to get it on that way, but also no luck. I turn the crank and the cam doesn't move. I'm at a loss now. None of my books really cover this. Anyone know how to get the cam chain back on the cam chain gear? It looks like might have a better shot at it if I take the head off, which is ok. But hopefully I don't have to split the cases. Thanks in advance!!
  5. longthrottle

    KTM Reliability

    In 6 months of owning a 450SMR here is the list of items that have blown... 2 clutch cover gaskets. Shifter bearings...so far no damage to transmission detected. 4 valve adjustments (because the valves were going bad). Titanium valves, valve guides and valve seals. Interesting things is that when I got the replacement parts, the guides were made in Austria, the valves in Japan and replacement pistons are made in the USA....weird... Also, the valve guides did not fit the new valves, so we have to reem them out to the correct size... Just about everytime I've ridden the bike in the last few months I've had to fix something. Overall I've been very dissapointed in my KTM. When it runs, it runs good....bet getting it to actually run without error has been a six month struggle. And oh...the bike only has a 30 day warranty. Not impressed at all...I've had a very reliable Honda 450 for 3.5 years and never had to deal with this BS. It might be back to Honda for me..
  6. longthrottle

    KTM Reliability

    In June I purchased a 2005 KTM 450 SMR. Initially I was very please with it and added a few key supermoto components like a slipper clutch. I previously had a Honda CRF450 somewhat setup for supermoto barring lowered suspension but wanted to keep that as an MX bike a have a dedicated SM bike. The KTM rides good, has awesome brakes and the motor revs to the moon. However it's needed some type of repair after almost every ride. Initially I blew the clutch cover gasket, then it blew again a few weeks later. Then it needed the valves adjusted because it was hard to start, then it blew the internal shifter bearings. Then the bike wouldn't start and after trouble shooting everything but the valves I brought it to the shop. Guess what? The valves needed adjusting again only a month later. I took it for one day of practice and it ran perfect. Then on the second day of practice it started stalling and was difficult to start. Finally today I tried to start it to warm the oil up for a change and it will not start again....so with a race only one week away it's back to the shop again. All this and I've only ridden the bike maybe 15 times. I've had my Honda CRF450 for 3 years and have only adjusted the valves when I put a new piston in it for good measure, never had a clutch cover gasket blow on me or anything else. I put a new piston in the Honda a while back just for preventative maintenance...but never any problems and that bike still rips! So I hope all you folks that are new to KTMs don't have the same bad luck I've had. What's worse is that the KTM factory warranty is only 30 days for race bikes. I've also heard worse horror stories of blown motors, cases and cranks from other newer KTM owners. I'm sure I could learn to adjust the valves myself but what a dissapointment the maintenance has been, especially after owning a flawless Honda. It seems that something goes wrong with it almost everytime I ride it. bummer.... Anyone else having similar experiences?