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  1. paolo

    boyeson quickshot

    Hey ive got an 06 250 and just put in the QS2 a few weeks ago, the jetting is all stock and it ran ok before but would bog if you cracked it open to quick, had sum hot stalling issues 2 so i wanted to see what the quickshot would do, I have heard different things about them some people say they are amazing and others say its junk. For me i think it was the best mod ihave done, I also have a JE 13.5:1 piston in there dont know if that would affect the results at all but let me tell you it worked like crazy for my bike. Instant response and no hot stalling, i can carry a higher gear in corners without me having to worrie about bogging/stalling. It really did wonders for me and for thoes who didnt notice a thing thats wierd. most improved are bottom-midrange even feel a bit more power cuz it comes on earlier. Great product i think its worth a shot, and its not all that expensive so if it doesent end up working its not that big of a loss.
  2. paolo

    yz or crf

    im happy with my crf(06), if you want sumthin that may be a little more reliable and are on the lazy side of mantainance go with the yzf. but overall bike, the crf rules. take care of it and it will take care of you!!good luck!!
  3. paolo

    How to De-Carbon head?

    Hey just took apart my motor to throw a new piston in. I was wondering what is an effective way to clean the head without dissassembly of the valves/springs. Anyone that knows how or has done before your posts will be appreciated!!
  4. paolo


    yeahh man, just got my tripple clamps and hubs powdercoated, looks really nice. if you got the money and patience to take out your spokes n put em back in properly then yeah its def worth it. looks really nice. also got a really durable finish, no chipping with a well done powdercoating.
  5. paolo

    Changing my fluids tomarrow

    Yeah you are correct with all the placements of bolts and dipstick/oil caps.
  6. paolo

    favorite motor oil

    Amsoil 10W-40 baybe, cummon its what windham runs, how can you go wrong....gotta love honda's!
  7. Hey I was just wondering if is alright to run my race fuel that has been kept for a few months in my garage over the last few months(about 4 months)?? indoor riding is coming up and was wondering if i should buy new fuel or not. Its about 10L, now maybe 8.5L cuz of evaporation. thanks guys!
  8. paolo

    Worst bike ever made?

    def. the Hongdoo's from china. My friend had one.. 125 air 4 stroke and let me tell you, it had worse craftsmanship than any db model that i own. He bought it brand new for 800bucks and both fenders broke within the first 2 weeks and the carb had to be rebuilt twice in 2 months cuz its got a tonn of plastic on it! anyways hes got rid of it after a few months and bought a 2001yamaha raptor(crapter)660 with no working 2nd gear and its preatty bad... but the motor still pulls atleast, i like the way it sounds like a 450 db tho...(with hindle exhaust system)
  9. Hi, well its about time for me to change my plug and as soon as I went to the dealer he handed one over and told me the total, 55bucks canadian with tax.... So today i went to a local shop and he handed me a plug that is not the same as stock but he said its what people are running in their 250's there. It is still an NGK iridium but I looked it up on the NGK site and it sais its for 04 models. I was wondering if anyone is using this plug in thier 05-07. plug code is IMR8C-9H. Thanks alot!!!
  10. paolo

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    man u guys are really funny huh? Some of you must be going crazy thinking that the 230 only does 100kph. I no longer ride a 230 anymore its my bros now but I have, along with a friend with another stock 230, have gone atleast 120kph because the lexus i was driving in clearly showed 125kph on the speedo. Give or take a few kph due to speedo accuracy. The test was done with me and 2 other friends taking turnes inside the car to make sure.
  11. paolo

    07 CRF250R Bogging on Jump Landing

    Does removing the float bowl baffle work on the 06's too?? im looking into solving that problem while its winter up here in canada. Was thinking either tokyomods or JD jet kit with boysen quickshot?? wut you guys think?
  12. paolo

    Worth it????

    Yeah i've seen that kit before on crf's only and it seems preatty good, anyone on here hade it done to their crf's?? If yes please tell me how it worked out for you, and if it was that trickey to install. Thanks guys!
  13. paolo

    Worth it????

    I heard alot of people having problems with the ap mod... Does anyone elce have an answer to this one??? Anyone got the JD jet kit, with or without the boysen quickshot acc. pump?
  14. yeahh just read thoes 13 pages too.....jeeze you've been through alot, im going to be doing JE piston / rings and i hope i dont run into anything like this, but theres alot of good advice here and hopefully everything works out smoothly...and good luck to you!!
  15. paolo

    Worth it????

    Hey I've got myself an 06 crf250r and i was looking into doin sum carb/jetting mods. The bike I have heard usually comes with bad jetting especially the 06s' but mine has been treating not to bad suprisingly. anyways i was wondering if its worth buying the JD jet kit and boysen accelerator pump together, or only one of these, or none? Could get the tokyomods which i heard is amazing but its kinda expensive, what you guys think???