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  1. yamy315

    Looking for a cheap Fly Helmet

    LOL you guys are brutal
  2. yamy315

    Sent My YZF To Dealer

    First avlnch, take a deep breath. I know how pissed you are, you have a new bike and it doesnt work, it happened to me on my 06 yz250f. the dealers are parts changers (for lack of a better term). I had the same problem of the bike popping, backfiring, bogging with only a couple of hours on it. I definatly don't like other people working on my bike and I do just about all the work on my bike. But sometimes you just cant figure something out. My dealer said the same kind of crap, 1st I had to much oil in the bike, 2nd time it went back they said I had crap in the gas, 3rd time it still was the gas, and stuff in the carb. The 4th time back at the dealership and a strong letter of complaint about the lemon I had, they actually found the problem which I wasn't able. most simple thing. One of the plugs conecting the wires from the engine case to the egnition box wasnt sealed well and water and dirt inside that plug was messing up the electrical. JUST CLEANING THAT PLUG, NEVER HAD A PROBLEM AGAIN. MORAL OF THE STORY If the dealer cant find it they will make something up. Dont give that dealership a free ride, if you bought it there and its not fixed Dont let a dealership grease your bike, there is no way they do that properly Im from jersey never had to change the type of plug yamaha knows more than you they put the right plug in FINALLY it takes time but start to learn about your bike and do your own work hope you find the problem
  3. yamy315

    Greasing the chassis (06 yzf)

    no,didn'tthink of taking any, just cleaned everthing really well and put back together after greasing. Im almost positive it's from the casting. And yes I did flip it once, was a sand track thank god ,no dammage.
  4. yamy315

    Greasing the chassis (06 yzf)

    looks good, your lucky. Did you grease that when you got the bike or after putting some hours on it. because if you look at those openings in the neck on the inside, you can see down that frame to the bottom, and that crap starts to bounce around and up thru those openings while riding or if you dump the bike(which I'm not proud of) to your steering shaft and catch on the grease. Just a thought. Had a buddy of mine, when he saw my bearings he went and did his bike because he has the aluminium frame and found the same thing.
  5. I went with the regina high tensile racing chain , no oring. you just have to maintain and clean it well. great chain and cheaper
  6. Just wanted to comment on greasing the bike. I did all the linckage when I first got the bike, which has we know there is no grease from the factory. I have over ten hours on the bike, and decided to change the fork fluid, and while I was doing that also wanted to grease the neck bearings. I have to say to everyone that I was shocked to see how much SH I found on those bearings. And I realized where it came from, All the crap from the aluminium frame since its hollow was jumping around and catching in the grease and around the bearings. We're talking about the little balls from the casting of the frame or maybe snot from the welds. Has anyone found the same thing in their bike. I do recomend people check if they have the aluminiun frame yz's Yamy315 06' 250 YZF
  7. I did not get a jet needle puller, and dont know what it is. A little help here please.
  8. yamy315

    I Done, 250f to 06 yz125!!!!

    I love my 06 250f, but I agree with some extra pocket change I would have a 2 stroke in my garage for fun.
  9. yamy315

    Maxum4 Ultra oil

    thanks freerider
  10. yamy315

    Maxum4 Ultra oil

    thanks bkinzey your brilliant, never thought of that. Was just asking opinions between 5w-10w, thought this was a discussion forum.
  11. yamy315

    Maxum4 Ultra oil

    Just asking for an opinion. Never really was sold on the synthetic oils, always rode 2-strokes and never used it. Finally moved to a 4-stroke 06' 250f, I broke it in with the yamalube 20-40. Now am going to a different oil permanently, my dealer had the racing 4-cycle oil, maxim4 5w50, motorcycle specific, exceeds api sg/cc (all that good stuff) your supposed to have. Just not sure about that 5w for the bike, most people seem like they are going with the 10w oils after breakin. So does anyone have an opion on the pros and cons of either, also synthetic or semi-synthetic. ( please!!! no one tell me to just change my oil frequently and I'll be fine) I know that.
  12. yamy315

    new track flyer at my dealership

    Saw a new flyer at my dealership for a track I never heard before. The name is mulberry motocross park in Mulberry , florida, 2miles south of highway 60. wanted to ask if anyone has riden there, and what they thought of it, to see if it is worth the ride from Orlando. Happy New Year everyone
  13. yamy315

    This guy has 2 '06 YZ250f!!

    my dealer wanted to charge $500 in prep ,I asked for the deposit back. The bike is at home now (I Won)
  14. yamy315

    JD or Me?....What's causing my Bog?

    In response (Barton), hijaking Mr Bluthrsky's thread was not the intension, I simply was responding because he was the only person I have found with the same simptoms I'm having with the new bike, Bone stock means exactly what came from the factory, no jetting changes, and how its manifests is the real problem hear. Its completely irregular, mostly low end sometimes top end. One corner it will pull like a champ the next nothing. Im starting to think its not a carb issue, dont know. So I just thought if he resolved his problem it would help me.
  15. yamy315

    JD or Me?....What's causing my Bog?

    I also have the 06' 250f, I was so happy when I finally got it in, Its the third new yamaha I have had NEVER EVER had a problem with one, and always worked on it myself, can't say that anymore. I also rode my 06' for the first two hours without a problem, then it started the bogging, backfiring, falling on its face, keep in mind its bone stock, I'm at sea level in florida. I take it back to the dealer because I dont want to work on it for warranty purposes. Only did the oil and filter after I broke it in. Its now back in the dealership for the third time now, They keep giving it back to me saying its fixed, NOT!!! They have given me BS like the first time saying there was to much oil in it, second time they said the carb needed cleaning, Now they are trying to say there might be water in the fuel, What a f joke. I am so bummed they can't resolve this problem and I dont really want them to work on it, but I know if I start to work on the carb and so forth, and cant find the problem Yamaha Isnt going to warranty anything. And already its been in and out of the shop and passed the 30 days. And they cant find the problem. shouldn't of traded my o3 three in. Your the first person I found with the same problem. Bummed and neded to vent