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  1. akpilot7

    Insurance has a wright to collect?

    Never tell your insurance you crashed a motorcycle. That is like blood to a shark. I always have a "bike" accident in a national park, and leave it at that. They can't win that fight. But hey, what are we worried about? Dear leader will fix all, with the magical elixer called obamacare.
  2. Did anyone race that off-road race in Sutton? I had to work.
  3. akpilot7

    BOOM! They're back BROtocross Breakdowns

    That made me lol. The part about Sheehen was painful. He is such an idiot, I almost three a bottle of brew at the TV when he went on about the "tail section". What a Fing Idiot.
  4. akpilot7

    Anyone noticed this? Argh.

    Notice he never says that during the 250 (lites) motos? Seems that a "modern" 250F has nothing on the "old" 250 2-stroke. It's amazing what an extra 200cc's displacement can do (450F)
  5. akpilot7

    Steel Creek GNCC

    Nice vid. The narration was great.
  6. akpilot7

    2 Stroke video

    Very Nice. Sure could have used a trials tire to keep the back end planted in those rock gardens. Of course, then it wouldn't have worked on the motocross track. Great vid.
  7. akpilot7

    Gloves with knuckle padding?

    Put some of that sticky foam weatherstrip on the back side of the clutch lever, and wear normal gloves. Some electrical tape to protect it might help hold it in place.
  8. akpilot7

    Miller Motorsports Layout

    Or: One is motocross.
  9. akpilot7

    Guy LAUNCHES off berm!

    Wow Now that is how to whiskey throttle.
  10. akpilot7

    tried AV100 LL

    going from 40:1 to 32:1 will make your bike run leaner. The carb is now giving the engine less fuel and more oil. Combine that with the lighter mass fuel (100LL) and it is no wonder your bike ran like crap. I suggest you ask someone to help jet your bike before you lean seize it.
  11. akpilot7

    tried AV100 LL

    Just like race gas, with avgas you need to jet a bit richer. It is a "lighter" fuel, so jet accordingly.
  12. akpilot7

    2013 - Return of the 125?

    Even more fun to race!
  13. The AMA is in the process of writing the new Amateur rules. This was discussed at their meetings. Could this be the year? Anyone in the know? Predictions? American Motorcyclist Association — Congress — TO: Motocross Section:1.6 Letter/Chapter: 1 Paragraph/#: B.4.a Page: 34 PROPOSAL: For 2013 Rulebook Class structure: 86cc-125cc 126cc-250cc 251cc-Open Replace with B.4.a REASON: Extra Classes needed Submitted by: KENT CAMERON www.americanmotorcyclist.com Link: http://apps.americanmotorcyclist.com/congress/Public/CompetitionView/1436
  14. akpilot7

    Two Stroke videos only

    Pure 2-stroke Awesome.