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  1. tlronny

    ltz400 steering stabilizer

    Sorry - havent got a pic anymore but it can be mounted successfully at right angles to the front so that it sticks out to either the left or right at 90 degrees just under the fenders.
  2. tlronny

    First post! Cam choice?

    I have the 'new' Hotcams intake and a DRZe exhaust cam in mine and it goes really well but I think if you are taking the top off for the base gasket as well then you should also do a 13.5:1 piston as well while your there. With the flatslide carb she should fly !!
  3. tlronny

    '07 QuadSport 50 not pulling hills

    Unfortunately these things are sadly underpowered from the factory. We have had one for about 6 months and it was ok to start with but now it can hardly climb at all. I have just put a 'Notoil' pod filter on the stock filter tube and modified the tail pipe as well but are in the process of getting the right mainjet b4 I can say if it is any better. Basically they are a good looking bike with a gutless motor so just sell it and get a 2 stroke !
  4. tlronny

    LT-Z 50 CDI switch

    I have heard that the CDI from the LTZ 90 works but cannot swear to it though !
  5. tlronny

    Best Z-400 year?

    05-07 is worth the extra money - there are quite a few little updates from the earlier ones which also include alloy bumper,alloy shifter,alloy grab rail,better cams,better shocks,TPS on the carb,better chain adjuster,different water pump,different CDI but make sure it has had the recall done on the clutch cover.
  6. I have a stock '03 quad at sea level with a kientech screw at 3 turns out - stock BSR36 - stock needle #155 MJ - no lid, TwinAir filter and stock exhaust but modded at the rear. The bike runs fine in all rev ranges but just seems really flat when going hard out. It just seems to run out of puff and get to about 55-60mph and wont reach the proper top speed. I was told to either increase the MJ to a #165 or check the valves for a 'tight' one but I reckon it is just getting old and tired ! Any ideas please ?
  7. tlronny

    Suzuki LT-Z50

    I did the same thing and unfortunately when the brake is released (switch is open) it tells the CDI to run normally but not to start. When the brake is pulled and the switch is closed it tells the CDI to start but also inhibits the rev limiter as well. There is no way around it that I know of and is therefore a pain in the a***. You will have to reinstall it sorry !
  8. tlronny

    3x3 hole? 2003 kfx400

    I dont really recommend this as all it does really is make it louder but it does rev out a little quicker though. Just get a hole saw about 1.5" and drill out the rear chamber and voila ! I made the alloy cap at work and screwed it over the existing muffler. You can also cut off the stock spark arrestor assembly instead and use that for an endcap if you want. But really you should just save up about $450 and get a proper system.
  9. tlronny

    3x3 hole? 2003 kfx400

    An EHS Racing lid could be what you want and the #160 MJ would be a good start too. EHS Racing The mixture screw at the front of the carb could be set at around 2.5 to 3 turns out. Depends on altitude and other mods as well though (exhaust ?). I have no lid,TwinAir filter,stock exhaust (modded), #155 MJ, 3 turns out on the screw with a stock needle and it runs well at sea level if thats any help ?
  10. After sifting through all the answers ! It is M6x0.5mm thread Thanks
  11. tlronny

    DRZ fuel screw

    What does it mean if the fuel screw is fully in and the bike still runs ok ?
  12. I have an LTZ400 quad with the stock BSR CV carb but had some trouble getting the mixture screw out. Can you tell me what the thread is on the screw please ? - Im guessing at 6mm x 0.75 pitch - is this correct ?
  13. tlronny

    killswitch help!!!!!!!

    Assuming that it is a n/o switch (you should really have a n/c one) then all you do is trace the green wire (has a high temp sleeving on it) on the left hand side of the bike about half way down . It is with a blue wire which comes up from the stator. Hook one wire to this green wire and earth out the other one. Done ! If it was a n/c switch you would use the existing orange and orange/white wire that is in the control housing on the left hand side of the handle bars that hooks into the factory killswitch.
  14. tlronny

    Suzuki Quad Sport z50 restrictor plate

    Theres actually a spacer in the clutch assy on the left hand side. Take off the plastics on the left - then remove the clutch housing - then the ring gear assy and there in the middle is a small spacer that restricts the engagement. Its mentioned in the manual if you read it.
  15. tlronny

    i search this emblem suzuki/yosh

    Uuuummmmm ?