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    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    It ended up being a four year project (a few starts and stops...), but I really enjoyed building it. If any one has any questions ask away, I owe some help to others as i'm normally just a vouyer around here. AS PURCHASED MOCKING UP THE REAR SUSPENSION DECIDED ON MONO SHOCK (ALA DG RACER STYLE) FITTING UP THE CR80 FORKS SHORTEN UP THE SPRINGS ADDED A SWINGARM LOOP TO XR100 SWINGARM AFTER POWDERCOATING, FITTING IT TOGETHER SWINGARM AND BRAKE ROD MOTORS IN FINISHED1 FINISHED2
  2. vetrider16

    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    Bike is now for sale in classifieds and on ebag. It now has a 1997 XR100 motor (with the nice modern electronics!). I would add pics but i can't figure out how to anymore.....
  3. I did a little modification to a pit posse tire changer. I went with that one over others, as it has the bead breaker. The bb works well in my opinion. I made it as modular as possible. It is adjustable in the garage to bolt to studs that are all common centers (i.e.- 16", 24"). And, it is adjustable in the z axis to work with trailer hitch receiver's of multiple heights. As a bonus, I do my own powdercoating, so I was able to coat it in hammertone to make it look nice. Any questions, I'll be glad to help. Complete assembly- Adjustable Height Wall Mount Center Stud
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    Lets Build A Trailer

    for $350 you got a pretty nice trailer. good job.
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    About to graduate

    Pat4wd has the right idea. As an engineer myself (not in auto/moto) your thread caught my interest. If you really want to work in the bike industry, really go for it. Don't just send your resume to companies, do something 'outside the box'. Find a privateer, and work with him on a national race circuit, even if you have to do it without pay (if you can swing it), stay at campgrounds, whatever... Do something like this, meet the right people, and who knows what doors might open up. If nothing else, you'll have the time of your life, and an experience like this would impress most engineering managers i've worked for. Approach it as a career move, not a vacation, and explain in well in an interview. I had ideas like this when I was younger. But, one day i woke up with a wife, kids, a mortgage, rental property, more bills than the gov't...... I'll regret not doing something like this forever ..
  6. I've been Powder Coating for about 5 yrs now. I thought it would be interesting to start a thread obtaining color matches, and which brand of powder looks best. I'm thinking relative to the small guy - not production / custom mix (i.e.- Eastwood, Columbia, PBP, Caswell, and other small qty mail order suppliers). For example, I am currently in need of a gold to match the mid 80's Honda Z50R rims? My initial contribution will be: XR75 Plastic (Meirer Replacement stuff)= Eastwood / Bright Red
  7. vetrider16

    Your Favorite Old Shop ?

    Seems that all the dealers now days are multi line, car dealerish, with no character. That being said tell us something about your favorite shop, gone or still in biz. I'm thinking Milwaukee to Chicago Land and the general area. But, of corse all stories are welcome. The favorites of my youth (1980's), Honda Farm in Sturtevant. And pre Banzai, Northern Ill Honda. Honda Farm, I seem to remember a barn type decore / interior. And, Northern Ill Honda cause they always seemed to have an Oddessy there. I always wanted one as a kid. Oh, and the Tourque Center, no explanation needed..... C'mon some of you guys who have been around longer, lets hear about the good old mx shops. Thanks!
  8. 100% correct. Also, keep in mind, one of the most challenging parts to PC'ing is prep (i.e.- sand blasting). Essentially you need a larger cabinet (or area) than your oven, as you need work around the part. This is my limitation, I built an over large enough for frames and the whole 9 yards. But, my blast cabinet only will fit a wheel - max. So, I have to run all large parts to the blaster next town over. Works, but your at their mercy as far $$ and time. PC'ing is worth getting into if your into restoration's or the like. But, if your only looking to do a set of rims here and there, I would consider finding a DIY'er local guy, and paying him. On the other hand, if you have alot of riding buddies, you can always work out horse trades, etc... Good Luck, and have fun!
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    Im laughing

    Yes the midwest is flat. Yes the weather generally sucks. So what would you like us to do genius? Maybe we should all pack up and move out to Oregon. Oops, then you'd bitch about being overcrowded, right? Better yet, maybe you'd like all of us from the midwest to give up riding. We could join anti-freedom lefties and work on getting public trails shut down, or even those evil fossil fuel burning engines banned. Then at least we would be so stupid for riding on our flat ground, right? Riding anywhere is better than not riding at all in my opinion. It is just to bad your part of the sport....
  10. If you could take your vacaiton and go compete in any one event what would it be? I'm not talking to about going to win, just compete, get the whole experience (as opposed to just watching). My best MX days are long gone, so trying qualify for Lorretta's, or such is out of the question. I'm a pretty versitial rider, and my main goal is just to have fun, and gain the experience of a lifetime. I've been thinking about this most of my life, but you know, careers, houses, kids, have delayed it. After watching my grampa pass recently, I can't quit thinking about lying there someday and thinking; 'god i should have'..... While I have many riding yrs left, its gotta get done! My thoughts, in no order are: Boneville: mod up the KTM, or build some sort of speedster bike. Talk my father into driving across country with me, run the bike, and get see the amazing big time speed guys run. Pikes Peak: I believe they have a supermoto class, and i'm well versed at sliding around flat track style. Just always thought this was a cool race, with many inovative vehicles. Baja / Desert race: always admired these guys, plus it would help me up my fitness with years worth of prep. Any other ideas?
  11. vetrider16

    The race of a lifetime?

    Dakar!! now your talking but, that might be a little to grand of a plan. but it is fun to dream.
  12. vetrider16

    The race of a lifetime?

    thanks jason. good to hear your ok, that sounds terrible. you bring up a good point, i can't see worth a darn at night, so racing - probably not good. Going on one of those baja tours might be cool. Mammoth - good thought, that might make me think about putting mx back on the table.
  13. sounds cool to me. it will prompt conversations with the mike minded people, if nothing else. let the crowd who thinks putting a new graphics kit, or clutch lever on their bike think they're doing something special. they will say 'why', I say why not!!! Post Pics!!!
  14. vetrider16

    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    Thanks for compliments!! 1. I made the cradle, but the idea came from banke performance. I liked the single tube idea. 2. It is an XR100 swingarm w/ the custom loop. I did use both XR75 wheels (I like the size, astetically). You will have machine custom spacers, I refuse to use stacks of washers. I bought a cheapy china Horrible Freight type bench lathe, about 1/2 way thru this project. Its well worth its $300 price tag. Unless you have other access, or a deep wallet, it would be difficult to complete a project like this without one. 3. Yes I did have to shorten the CR80 forks, I believe it was 2 or 3 inches. I got the rear suspension figured out, then leveled the bike out by shorteing the forks the corrrect amount. I also had to weld in a larger, stronger steering stop. As the CR forks are much wider, and larger tubes. Without the stop, they will smash your nice new tank before they hit full lock. This pics shows both. Good luck with your XR!
  15. vetrider16

    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    Chain guard is stock Honda part. Off of xr100, 79-81 believe. XR80's might be the same as well. The roller is model generic, moose racing. They make two (at least) generic ones. Don't get the mini one, I ordered one, it had no bearing in it. I didn't like it, so I got one for a full size bike, has the bearing in it.
  16. vetrider16

    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    peryco- nice bikes!! i went back and forth for awhile trying to decide whether or not to stay twin shocker, or go mono. I like both. Your DG replica pipe is on my list of future purchases. By the way. That looks like quite the musuem...??
  17. vetrider16

    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    Frame Brace: Exhaust Hanger: Chain Roller: Front Brake Plate:
  18. vetrider16

    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    Yes, PC'ed the rims. It holds up well. Biggest concern is mounting / dismounting tires. With metal on metal (spoon to rim) you can / will damgage the finish if your really wrestling them. I use those motion pro rubber guards. they are kind of a pain, but work. Or just cut a piece of old fuel hose down the center, for a guard.
  19. vetrider16

    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    On spokes you could also try: http://www.bankeperformance.com/index.html . They do some nice stuff, just remembered their site........
  20. vetrider16

    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    Q1- 95 M.J. / 45 S.J., need to get a different needle right now, as it is in top position, and still runs on after thrtle. is closed. Other than that it runs good. I'm not sure of the specific year of my intake, but yes, it did bolt up. Keep in mind i'm near milwaukee, wi, where we are about 6" above sea level (compared to you) and the elevation change is about the same as kate moss's upper torso:lol: , so my jetting may not apply to you. Q2- Rims are stock 75. I debated about changing size, for greater tire availibility. Many go with a larger dia front (of a CR80) but I didn't like the look. Same go for smaller, say off of KLX110, i thought that would be kinda cool. There again I was concerned of tampering with the original look too much. I did have to drill out my rims for the heavy duty nips, but thats no big deal. The hub was ok, a tight fit turning the corner when lacing. But the wheels feel real stought. The XR rim seems like a good part, of course heavier than modern aluminum. The spokes are heavy duty stainless (buchanan) I believe. I got them from east coast wheel, though I read somewhere he's out of business now? I would check with Buchanan though, they do all kinds of custom stuff. I did have to drill out my rims for the heavy duty nips, but thats no big deal. The hub was ok, a tight fit turning the corner when lacing. But the wheels feel real stought. The XR rim seems like a good part, of course heavier than modern aluminum.
  21. vetrider16

    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    It is a K&N. Model # on filter is F019E4. I do have a XR100 carb (Keihen PK series) on mine, not sure if the neck's are the same size? It does fit behind the Maier # plate real nice, but I welded on new tabs for the body work, as the original XR75 has plug in bullet- style (into rubber grommets) mounts. Hope this helps.
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    Motocross comparable enduro bike

    I just bought an 02 520, street motard, with the same intentions as yours. Though i've only put a few hundred miles on it, my opinion is- not much of a street bike. But then again, I didn't expect it to be. It does tear up the industrial parks though.... I think you said 50/50 dirt / street. I would really consider a straight up mx (or off road) bike and a cheap commuter. I bought mine with the intention of riding any track I want, and so far i'm happy. I do take it out on the street, as I mentioned above. I just do 20 - 40 mile sunday afternoon rip arounds (no freeways or anything). For this type of street riding, it seems fine. Just my .02 , Good luck with your purchase!!
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    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    POWDER COATING Question's: 1) The color you did the frame etc. in? Is it a good match to Honda's Tahitian Red (like on the Tank) ?? What brand and color code(?) is the Powder? 2) Can the whole engine be powder coated at 400 degrees for a 1/2 hour (eprox.) and Can the head with Valves intact or the cylinder's be done separate as well? Or will it warp? Thanks for your answers! -Damon Q1- I only used a RM upper clamp because I got for .99 cents on flebay. The Honda parts seem to sell for more. I think Honda parts are used more often is conversions / frankenbikes. Modded Xr100's and such... I just studied up the Indside Diameter of what fork seals match, hence the triples would be the same size. I belive you will need to mod / remake almost any modern 80 stem, as the neck on a XR frame is not nearly as long, and the bearing have a smaller inside diameter than many modern(ish) 80's. Unfortunetly, not much of this is plug and play, but I find enjoyment in the modification part. Swingarms, I'm not 100% sure what will work. Mine is a 79 (i think) XR100 w/ the loop added. Is the 81 CR80 a twin shocker? That will look sweet, I fought long and hard on the decision to go mono or twin shocker. I like both styles. I would guess it will work, as I doubt the distance between mounting points would be less than the old XR frame. You may need to cut spacers / bushings to get it to fit. I bought a metal lathe during this project. In the end, I don't see that I ever would have been able to finish it without the lathe (or pay a machine shop $$). Plus they are super relaxing to play / make parts on. Q2- I did put a frame cradle under it. You can see it under the first finished pic. But, the jury is still out on its durability, as I haven't ridden the bike hard yet. I'll post a close up pic when I get a chance. Q3- My color is not the Kick Butt Honda Tatian Red. I would have like to go with that, but the plastic (in that color) are no longer aval. And man do they fetch a pretty penny on flebay when they come up. Therefore I had to settle with the Maier stuff. Its quality is not bad, but the only color its aval. in is the latter Honda (more red) Red. I took one of the plastic pieces to the paint shop and had it matched, thats what I painted the tank with. The powder, used on the frame, swinger, etc., is Eastwood (the hot rod guys). The color is called Bright Red. Its not an exact match, but pretty good. You can get powder match to the exact color, but i'm a small time guy and don't need the minimum quanities required. While all metal parts on your motor (internal & external) will hold up the 400f, I would worry about the seals. Even if the seals would hold up to the heat, I would tear in apart and do it piece by piece. Its alot of work, but you'll get a far better quality job. Plus if you did it one piece it would be almost impossible to disassemble for future work (the powder would seal it across seams), as the powder would crack. Funny you mention this, as I have a 98 XR80, with the Elec. Ignition, that I want to send to Powroll and have it built to the moon. This motor I will powder with the Black Wrinkle finish. Unfortunetly, I can't justify the funds for that now, but someday... Cheers:thumbsup:
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    My XR75 Mini-Racer Completed

    I made the frame brace using the old front motor mounts (new alum. ones are from xr mini racer). I bent a single tube that mated up with welded on brackets at rear of frame. I thought about a more traditional skid plate, but I don't see this seeing heavy abuse, so I opted for the single tube brace. I know what you mean about shocks and $$. Man they can get expensive. This one is a pro-wheel (i - believe), my local shop ordered it out of the pit bike section of parts unlimited catalog. Seems nice, but I haven't tested it hard yet. Triple's are off a 1990 RM80, which are the same dia. (tubes) as the 1995 CR80 forks. The stem is custom machined and pressed in, as the stock RM was too long and large (dia) for the xr neck. PowderCoating is the easy part, as I do that myself as a secondary income business. Upper is PC'ed in Gloss Black. The lower was sprayed with PPG auto paint, as I couldn't powder (due to heat) as the bearing & dust seal were already on. Could have done it in advance, but I didn't time it right the guy who made the stem.. One of the most difficult aspects of the build was all lthe small things. Cables don't fit, kickstand had to be extended, etc. I didn't take any short cuts, but it was livable because I didn't race the clock, at all. Thank you for your compliments!
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    VIN # Location

    Went to look a KTM520EXC Street legal supermoto tonight. I couldn't find the vin # on the frame. So I passed. I've never seen a vin located anywhere but on the neck (headstock). But, then again i've never owned anything but jap. So the question is, where is the vin # located on a KTM ?? Thanks.