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  1. MotoChris52

    Race Around The Lake ?

    Cherry Picker.
  2. MotoChris52

    DRZ400 Big Bore Kit Question

    WOULD you need vavle work the the stock or E cams and the 436 kit ?
  3. MotoChris52

    The "I love my Dual-Sport/I guess I'm lucky" thread

    Wait till you mod it up a little, whole nuther bike !
  4. MotoChris52

    PISTON SLAP - Are you worried ??????????

    Is this with the FCR ? Or your Edelbrock (?) And when you say"lowest limit" do you mean least amount of valve clearance within specs ?
  5. MotoChris52

    sticker removal

    Hair Dryer ! Ditto.
  6. MotoChris52

    Motorcycle Jack

    The bike is way more stable on the big jack, AND , you can disassemble the bike and roll it into a corner for more room.
  7. MotoChris52

    Motorcycle Jack

    It's a little more than 12" between the protrusions on my platform. The section of 2x12 fits perfect between them.I'd have to guess my block is 18" long.(at work now or I'd measure it.)
  8. MotoChris52

    Low Lifes at Jawbone

  9. They are not DOT, but Dunlop and Bridgestone make a 90/100-21. I run them on both my bikes,even on the street I'm getting about 1500 miles out of them.They are taller and wider than a regular 80/100.I prefer the Briggy 401A. Sorry no calipers ,but a rough measurement is 95mm wide(knob to knob).
  10. MotoChris52

    Barbara Boxer is at it again.

    Yeah, But Ahhnold rides, so he must be ok. Right ?
  11. MotoChris52

    SoCal, want to ride on 9th or 10th of June?

    Yeah,next time your there,don't follow your buddy RADRick.He has no sense of direction at all.
  12. MotoChris52

    Pics TT Rowher ride

    Next time leave the kiddie sections for the younglings. j/k
  13. MotoChris52

    Bent my excel rim on my 3rd ride!!

    yes, my '05 front rim has three dents from running too low air pressure in the rocks.
  14. MotoChris52

    kawasaki H1 or H2

    I owned a '74 RD350 in the late seventies. Great bike. Loved the sound of it at idle.Pippity-poppity. The first time I rode it I thought the speedo was broken.I shifted thru a few gears and it was reading 80. Sold it a couple years later to a friend.He had it ported and put chambers on it . Scary Fast after that !
  15. MotoChris52

    South Lake Tahoe 8/3-8/7

    I went down part of the Rubicon on my XL600,years ago.That boulder field at the top was nasty.