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  1. oberhemv

    Save Cline Buttes OHV Area - Bend / Sisters Oregon Area

    This maybe way late, but better than not doing it. Just sent letter.
  2. oberhemv

    thanks xc-w (e)

    I bought a 300xcw to replace an 05 wr450. It's a lot more fun to ride, weighs about 25-30lbs less, has great power, and handles awsome. The WR was a great bike, but 08 300 is a dream to ride. I've down the middle the on the oil ratio. The shop guy told me 40:1, the salesman told me 40:1 for first couple of hours and then to 60:1, the manual says 60:1, I run premium oil, and am now running 50:1, not yet ready to go to 60:1. I love the bike.
  3. oberhemv

    Modified stock pipe saves big $$$

    This sounds great and makes me want to go out in garage and do it right now. I plan on removing the one baffle nearest the tail pipe and making a new tail pipe(35mm) as described. Question about the screen attached to the front of the tail pipe, do you guys reinstall or leave it out. Thank you Matt
  4. oberhemv

    WR450 Gas in the oil?

    I have an 05 with the same problem. The oil was olive green and smelled like gas. The guys at the yamaha service center said it most likely is the float needle not properly seating. The float bowl then floods and spills over into the intake. From what toyota said, the fuel in the airbox sounds familiar, because i had fluid in the that clear bowl at the bottom of the airbox. I checked the float needle and it is now seating properly and i put fresh oil in the bike. I'll wait to see if it does it again. I bought the dealer AIS kit and did all the modes, yz screw, baffle removed, snorkel removed, grey wire, new throttle needle, and 48 pilot jet. don't know if problem is fixed yet?
  5. oberhemv

    Throttle Stop Screw!

    Just bought a used 05, went to the dealer and bought the kit for $39, comes with the yz screw, #48 pilot jet, adjustable needle w/ 7 possible positions for the clip (don't know if it is as good as the JD needle), the AIS removal caps, and best of all, INSTRUCTIONS FOR DUMMIES! which spells everything out step by step with enough pictures. Part # GYT-5TJ93-69-00