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  1. Let me just say this. Bought a new 06 CRF250 and it ran great, handled great, and won a few "c" class races. All for 2 months. The valves have completely collasped and now I have a nifty $800 repair bill. Had to replace all valves and springs with something that will last longer than 8 weeks of moderate riding. There are plenty of these for sale out there and mine is one of them. REGRET...Big time. By the way, the factory said is was MY fault. "Dirt got on them valves and ate the coatin' plumb off...."Used their air filter and cleaned it after every ride. At this point I am looking for a lawyer for a great class action suit.
  2. Buddy, if you looking for 06 CRF250 you already got problems. Better talk to anyone who has one. They are probably still wating for it to get out of the shop.
  3. Yea, don't buy a Honda CRF250. 2 months valves completely collasped. They said is my fault. yea right. 2 months just into "C" class. Looking to sell it.
  4. do u rely alot on the front brake
  5. do u think that the front brake is bad or something because everyone uses it
  6. do u use the front brake alot too
  7. is the front brake a real important issue
  8. should i use it or only use the back brake
  9. which do u use in other cases
  10. how do all the good riders get by with not using the front brake
  11. do u use the front brake often and what class do u ride in
  12. do u use the front brake in most all turns that u come to
  13. do you use the front brake alot
  14. Yes this beast is very hard to start. Better have a good plug and pilot adjusted just right. If you stall the bike, good luck. By the way, the reason the kick starter is shorter is to give you a faster stroke. The longer the kick arm the shorter and slower a given angular displacement and velocity. Yes, my YZ250 F does work on the KTM but the KTM kicker does not fit the YZ. Go figure.....
  15. Gas cap recall on the first 200 units. Front cable rubs on fork. Oil screen was installed incorrectly, crushed. (Careful there are 2 on the unit) Suspension is very quirky but funtional, can be dialed in on most persons. Long break in period (NBD) (No Big Deal). Otherwise, buy and race unit