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  1. 11TMG27

    Whats the best fiddy graphics???

    http://www.xr50.com/20procimengr.html i realy like these!
  2. 11TMG27

    SDG 107 cc Engine

    about the tranny all i got to say is they suck!!!! mine went out 2 times and it always mis shifts and pops out of gear.
  3. 11TMG27

    Have you guys seen these bikes yet?

    those bikes are sik!!! i heard there a good bike.
  4. 11TMG27

    pit bike wreck

    holy moly!
  5. 11TMG27

    Lets see the pitbikes!!

    here is my bike which is for sale by the way.im also planin on buyin a stock fifty tomarrow. if so ill post a pic. http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/2186/10041856fa.jpg and Taps u can upload ur pics here. http://imageshack.us/
  6. 11TMG27


  7. 11TMG27

    Race my pitbike at The Lube online!

    now i have somethin to do with my spare time.
  8. 11TMG27

    ordered a Pitster!

    goood choice with the pister. best bike around!
  9. 11TMG27

    Motoclowns Magical Mystery Tour !

    hahahah real good
  10. 11TMG27

    Help a guy out

    get a pister best bikes around for the money.
  11. 11TMG27

    I-Shock fitting problems

    i say grind the swingarm. ive heard of people doin that and it works fine.
  12. 11TMG27

    Best Big Bore for a 110? Anyone?

    go with this. http://www.hondatrailbikes.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=47&products_id=732
  13. 11TMG27

    04 sdg

    look in the classified section for my sdg that im sellin. make me offers. must sell asap.
  14. 11TMG27

    My Pitster Pro Mods

    looks real nice.
  15. 11TMG27

    what do you guys think???

    i say get it and run it till u get the good one from ur friend. then sell the cheap one.