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    My interests include, cars, motorcycles, off roading, law enfrocement, and golf.
  1. I'm hopefully getting a 4Runner or Tacoma(Early-Mid 90's) in a few months as my first car. I preffer driving a manual under normal conditions, but as far as my first truck I think I'll go with an automatic. This is however only based on my experience driving on my uncle's private road. I just think an automatic would be better for my first truck since I will be taking it off roading. I'd like to be able to focus on getting over the obstacle and not falling off of the cliff than shifting, at least until I get more experience and am more confident.
  2. Ocean421

    Red sticker questions

    I know that dirtbiking is a lot of fun, but for some reason 4 wheels just appeals to me more. Plus it's going to be a special event vehicle for the police department I work for.
  3. Ocean421

    Red sticker questions

    Yes, you are completely correct. My statement of finding a way around the system was one that was incredibly inappropriate and so was the thought behind it, and so I apologize for that. Yes it is an off road kart. After looking at some of the places near me there are some close enough open all season to satisfy me while red stickers are prohibited in other parks.
  4. Ocean421

    Red sticker questions

    I am hopefully soon getting a go kart that only meets red sticker. And that sucks. I'm trying to find some way of tricking the system, but I know that they probably left no holes. I was just wondering what exactly the registration process is. Do they actually have to see the kart in order to register it, is there a possibility of pulling a VIN off of one of my friend's non registered green sticker eligible bikes or karts? Also I was wondering what kind of penalty there is for riding red sticker during prohibited riding times. As far as my understanding goes so far is that the fine is $150.00. I was wondering also if beyond that there is a court appearance being that I do a lot of riding outside of the area and don't want to have to go to the other end of the state to show up for court. And what are my chances of being caught driving it during green only season, and beyond that what are my chances of actually being cited? A lot of questions... I know, but answers to any would be much appreciated.