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  1. What do you think a fair price is? Chris
  2. Well if I can buy aftermarket stuff on ebay for 50.00 bucks I think stock stuff should be around 20.00 Chris
  3. Like the title says. I need a set of stock springs on the cheap for my son's bike. Iknow many of you have up graded and have no use for your stockers. Give me a fair price and I will buy them up. thanks Chris
  4. Big Mac

    Engine freshen up/now need help

    It feels great. I would rather be lucky than good any day. And I usually am. It rode great this weekend. No problems or hiccups of any kind. My buddies were quite impressed with the new power as was I . Thanks again Thumper members!!!!! Chris
  5. Big Mac

    Engine freshen up/now need help

    Sorry for the late reply. It was a timing issue. I took the head off and the two outside intake valves were just kissing the piston. I took them out and checked to be sure and they were fine. Not bent or any damage measurable. Recehcked valve lash and timed it again. It started on the second kick and no more piston slap. I was so happy and will be riding this coming weekend again. Thanks for the responses guys Chris
  6. Big Mac

    Engine freshen up/now need help

    Thanks guys, I will be checking for both of those senarios. Chris
  7. I just performed a top end freshen up on my 426 and I have a couple of problems now. I will take it back apart tomorrow and I am just looking for some suggestions and things to look for before I tear into it again. I bought a stock cylinder & piston, new rings, valve springs, keepers and valve seals. The valves themselves all seal fine so I just cleaned up the carbon and reused them in in the same locations. I am not able to start it via the kick start, I have to give it a running jump start (leads me to believe timing is off). Also have a knocking noise that seems to be coming from the head and it really has me scared. Only ran it about 1 min with all that noise so I hope I didn't do any damamge. I also run a 450 cam for the auto decompression but was running that for quite some time before the rebuild. Anything you guys can suggest would be apprieciated. Thanks in advance. Chris
  8. Big Mac

    shock spring

    I have a 5.0 Eibach you can grow into. This is from an 01 yz 426. Would sell for 35.00 plus shipping
  9. Big Mac

    ? Best fuel for the 426

    As a forrmer chemist that used to blend gas mixtures for all major gas companies I can say toluene is not harmful on your motor in reasonable levels. It is already a component of your gas mixture. I used to use it as a octane boost in an 11.5:1 motor I had in a mustang when I couldn't get high enough octane locally or didn't want to spend the money on race gas for cruising. It does burn reasonably clean and a little hotter then normal gas. The percentages of gas components change during the winter and summer months to either raise or lower the vapor pressure as needed. With that said Toluene is on the lighter end of of gas components (meaning it will vaporize fast and reduce in overall concentration compared to the heavier components of gas). So don't mix much more than you are going to use and then cap the rest. It is also a known carcinogen. Don't bathe in it or use it as a parts washer, even though it works really good in that regard. Now the disclaimer, I do not recommend or suggest you use this but if you do "your on your own"!!!!!!! Like someone else already said. Higher octane does not make your bike run better unless you are already having a problem with detonation. This can be caused by excessive heat and or to high of compression.
  10. Big Mac

    2003 YZF Shock Rebuild Help

    DaveJ Thanks for the tip. I just finished with the rebuild and it was pretty simple once I knew what to do. This was a test shock I had laying around and will now refresh the one I have installed on my ride. Thanks Thumper Talk
  11. Big Mac

    2003 YZF Shock Rebuild Help

    I might be a noob but how do you get the bottom of the bladder assembly off? The part where you release/add the nitrogen. The link provided above just skips over that part for some reason. Thanks
  12. Big Mac

    What's an '01 426 worth?

    I bought mine at the end of 05 for 1400.00 from ebay. The thing was ugly with spray painted plastic and a couple of other items that needed to be replaced but figured the price was right. Expected to have to rebuild the engine but it checked out fine. Put about 200.00 into it and it is in excellent shape now. Best money I spent. And yes, I have been caught off gaurd by it and it is scary! Chris
  13. Big Mac

    426 fork spring recommendations.....

    Would you be willing to make me a deal on those fork springs? Let me know.