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  1. SuzukiDr

    Stroker Crankshaft?

    Yea there is one: http://wrenchrabbit.com/ProductInfo.aspx?item_id=3815
  2. SuzukiDr

    Stroker Crankshaft?

    The X has road tires and R has on/off road tires, both fuel injected. Most people that put a pipe on notice more mid and upper rpm power, not much low end improvement for the money spent. Sounds like a big bore is a cheaper option but not sure about the reliability. Figured a stroker crank would be more reliable. I think that adding 3mm to the crank would be less stress on the motor than a big bore kit. Sounds labor intensive to put in a stroker crank but if no other mods need to be done this might be an option. Anyone else have experience changing a crankshaft?
  3. SuzukiDr

    Stroker Crankshaft?

    Since it's fuel injected i'd have to buy a programmer. The bike's rev limiter is at 10,800rpm so it has good mid to upper range power and likes to rev. Not sure if it would need a more aggressive cam.
  4. I have a 2009 Wr250r and thought this might be a good mod, but wanted some opinions as to how this mod will affect the bikes reliability. I found a website with a +3mm crankshaft that brings it up to 263cc and uses the stock piston. Is this really a "Bolt in and go" mod or will I have to change other parts (cam, valves, etc..)? I already changed the gearing but figured this crankshaft would add some low end grunt.
  5. SuzukiDr

    DR250 dual sport?

    I've heard of people trying to take a converted dual purpose bike from another state into NY and still having trouble. They're pretty strict cause they will not allow an Off Road Only bike to be converted and plated. In NY seems the only option left is to buy a legit dual sported bike...if that wasn't the case I'd be seriously looking into buying a new DR250 and converting it.
  6. SuzukiDr

    KLX250s or KLR250

    I would like to go offroading but not too crazy, I'm more of a laid back rider since I really don't want to get hurt....watched my brother break his femur about a year ago. I would also like to drive around town and every once in a while drive highway.
  7. SuzukiDr

    DR250 dual sport?

    Too bad NY has such restrictions b/c you can'd dual sport an offroad bike anymore. I was actually thinking of springing for a new DR250 and a dual sport kit, that is until I looked at NY's laws. Little wary about the KLX (valving) so I might wait a little while to see if zook will hit this market. I'm 6'1" and 170lbs and my old Dr250 has enough juice to get me through the woods (gassing it most of the time) so I don't think power would be an issue here.
  8. SuzukiDr

    DR250 dual sport?

    The husky is around $7000 otd and seems very pricey for a bike that people say can't handle highway speed well. KLX looks good for the price and people say it can do 60-65 mph no problem on highway, not so for the husky. Seems like some people knock the kawasaki's for having valving problems so that puts a doubt in my mind. Was hoping Suzuki would come out with a 250 like they have in australia but guess it's wishfull thinking.
  9. SuzukiDr

    DR250 dual sport?

    A 200 would definitely not cut it. It would be nice to have the extra torque of the 400, but I wouldn't like the extra weight it has off road. I'd rather have a lighter bike that could handle better off road....and don't mind a 250 b/c I like riding full throttle anyway (east coast tight woods).
  10. SuzukiDr

    KLX250s or KLR250

    What's the difference between a KLX250s and KLR250? I've heard the suspension is better on the KLX and it's sorta more updated too. Is the KLR heavier and does it have electric start? Seems like you can find a used KLR (2003-2005) for half the price of a KLX so just would like to know the main differences between the bikes....does one have more power and is one of these more reliable? Would you guys say its worth it to save up for a new KLX?
  11. Posted this in the DR250 forum cause didn't know about this dual sport forum so here my question.....is Suzuki planning on releasing a DR250 dual sport? I like the kawasaki KLX250s but not sure if the whole valve issue has been solved. I know suzuki's are rock solid so I have alot of loyalty with them, my 82 DRZ250 still starts on the first kick. I'm hoping suzuki's going to enter this market since the only bike other than the klx is the husky, but comes with a huge price tag.
  12. SuzukiDr

    DR250 Dual Sport?

    Does anyone know if suzuki's coming out with a DR250 dual sport? Seems like kawasaki is the only bike, besides husky (huge price tag though), that has a 250 dual sport. Very interested in the KLX250s, but was hoping suzuki would jump in this market since suzuki's are know to be very very reliable....heard of valve issues with the klx's. By the way I have a 82' DRZ250 so I have alot of loyalty with suzuki cause my bike's still rock solid.
  13. SuzukiDr

    Neck Surgery

    Hey check your messages, sent you a message regarding surgery so hope it helps.
  14. SuzukiDr

    Rad fluid and distilled H20???

    i have a water softener connected to my tap water lines in my house, i wonder if boiling water will become distilled water? or is that from boiling the water and then condensing it? this is CHEM 101! lol!!! anyway, i can get distilled water, but now curious about soft water as for why they would use salts in the water, i think it also filtrates iron and possible chlorine, but......salt(ier) water?????
  15. SuzukiDr

    Rad fluid and distilled H20???

    thanks RCannon! but i'd rather not use tap just for that reason, will bottled drinking water work? how often do you change the green stuff as compared to other antifreeze? or do you just change it regularly no matter what you use? thanks again!