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  1. I'm using the pipe for top end & the tuner for the low & to mod the power band for the track. As far as the pros [ works] bikes I sure each rider tailors his power the way he wants it . Those guys have no trouble getting the power they need . Heads, cams,custom pipes, fuel, ect . Massive power everywhere I assume .Jeff
  2. sorry, it is confusing, they are both IG settings. The top was for him to try, The lower is what I run . the lower adds low & top. Jeff
  3. I have the fmf & I agree the low is soft . I feel its rich also so just on the IG side try adding some timing. +1 0 0 +2 0 0 +3 0 0 I'm running +2 0 +1 +2 0+1 +3 0+1 Jeff
  4. jeff14

    FMF on there 2010

    I have a Ti 4.1 full system . It smooths the low & seems to have more torque. it also seems to make the bike rev slower making the power seem longer . it does add top over rev . I don't even think about the power falling off like stock . it is not the highest reving bike but totally acceptable .. So in a nut shell smoother low end , less of an edge to the mid & more overrev . slightly slower rev feel to the engine . I ridden it with the jay marmont map, too much upper low & mid .I,ve used mellower maps ,with the pipe. I use the stock map most of the time. I had the bike & pipe for 4 months so this is not a back yard or on the stand test of the system. I only race mx no hs,trails . Jeff
  5. jeff14

    2010 YZ450F Suspension

    Mr smith, I have at talked with craig decker @ enzo [ I've used them for years ] they are using 105 to 108 sag, it helps the high in rear stance..They also told me to go to .48kg fork springs w the stock 5.7 rear. The rear is ok up to 200 # I'm at 195 # . I have tried 100 mm to 120mm sag . The .48 with 106mm sag works for me . I like it enough I may not need a revalve . I'm at 6-8 clicks out on the fork, The rear is stock on compression, w stock to -1 on rebound. It is better balanced & front is not as low feeling. I like stiff front with a softer feel to the rear. Stock I actually thought it steered too quick. This is for mx only. Also changing the FI maps makes it corner differently also. As in less hit doesn't up set the chasis as much in the corners, or break the tire loose. Now go ride it .setting in the garage looking at it gets nothing done. jeff
  6. jeff14

    Easiest ways to lighten '10 450

    The stock pipe is 7# 15oz . you can lose over 2 # there .w a Ti system. The older kyb T i springs will not fit as those shocks were 46 mm piston the new one is a 50. A used Ti spring for a showa may work. Don't buy Ti bolt kits Too much $$$ mettec has close out Ti bolts figure out what you need. they are tapered head allen.If your wanting less fork off set applied clamps in the past have saved 1/2 # or so . Don't install a crazy graphics kit those are fairly heavy.. all said and done the difference is mostly mental. I took about 8# off an 07 honda,Not sure if I could tell.Ps I have a 5.6kg Renton Ti spring for the 09 & older yz's.If any body needs one Jeff
  7. These are some things I thought i would share about the 2010 450. I rode all last week end [ texas] in damp sand, some mud & assumed the air filter would be caked, I found that it was way cleaner than my friends 2010 ktm 450 [We will see if this is true in dusty conditions] & I actually rode more than him . very surprised. The location of the lower oil drain bolt is in a poor spot. The small bracket that holds the clutch cable at the engine is very 'soft" bends easy. Yes I bent it.. 09 & older oil filter fits. Stock chain & sprockets not great , we all knew that right? Mine starts good cold but if I make a mistake & kill the motor it seems a little hard to start . Maybe more hrs on it will help. This bike is maybe the hardest bike to wash I have ever owned, dirt gets everywhere . When you think your done your not. The sandy soil put a hurtn on the lower tank plastic & any where you would grip a bike with your legs. I have the power tuner & spend all my time riding , I have only tried 1 map In 2 months. I have set the sag & stiffened the rear up a click or 2 & 3-4 clicks in the front w 5 cc of oil. may not need a revalve, but possably next stiffer springs. 195# w/o gear . static sag = 23 mm with 102 race sag. . jeff
  8. jeff14

    2010 450

    The fit was not as good as I would of liked , the slip on fit the stock head pipe fine, but when I got the header it all seemed a little off , had to push & pull to make the bolt holes line up . I hope its not a problem long term, as the Ti heat cycles , maybe the heat will relieve some of the binding. We shall see. The slip on softened the low hit some & helped the over rev some . , I have not ridden yet with the header installed. I actually ordered them at different times. the header has the puck style mega bomb can. I have modded the mapping which helped the over rev about as much as the slip on did. I pulled out timing at the very top with some fuel . I seem to spend my time rideing instead of remapping as I have only tried a new map one time. The tuner by its self may not let the motor rev out enough . my intent is to make a longer smooth pull , not more power & the weight savings is great.. Fyi I raced my 09 450 yamaha all year with the stock pipe = smooth long pull . The 2010 seems to be a burst motor say for supercross type tracks. I prefer tractable. jeff
  9. jeff14

    2010 450

    yes the stocker is 7lb15oz on my trusty little scale.. The full fmf Ti is 2lb3oz lighter.If you just get the slip on it only saves 15 oz. jeff
  10. jeff14

    Anyone try an FMF on the 2010 450

    I have the fmf Ti slip on pressently with the insert ring installed. It mellowed the low a tad helped the over rev some . Nothing special. Although it sounds Great if that matters. So I now have the mega bomb head pipe & mid on the way. It has plenty of power ,Just want to mod the delivery up top, to stretch gears out.We shall see. Although In good track conditions I actually dont mind the low end snap. This week I will start to try out some tuner settings.The fmf slip on is apx 1 # lighter than stock. jeff
  11. jeff14

    MXA 2010 yz450 test again

    I agree with racerxx276. I spent a month on my buddys 2010 ktm 450 waiting for my 2010 yamaha to show up. The ktm is great . would be my 2nd choice by far. My yzf at speed feels much lighter & the faster you go continues to feel lighter & handle better .I actually had my doubts during break in if I liked it. I was wrong . The yz is way funner to ride. The thing so far that is my biggest gripe is the tranny drain bolt , hard to access, the air filter is fiddly & rolls moist dirt in small balls you have to pick out one at a time. One of the Axel adjuster blocks are messed up, But I just flipped it over & it works better this way. Ditch the front tire, I have a mx31 on now. The suspension I did add some oil to the fork , But I still have not ridden anything stock, that was better . The motor ,I like it .I will add some more top to extend gears . but ok for now. M aybe because its the latest thing i dont know. But the bike has my confindence way up, It seems to jump better that any bike I have ridden. In 35 + years of racing. I had an 08 ,09 yamaha, & for 1 week a 09 450 honda. It handled like a shopping cart. So I sold it back to the guy For $200.00 less than I paid , Im glad he took it back.,I could not ride it. I wanted to like it as I bought it because I knew the 2010 yamaha would not be cheep . I made the right choice for me. Please no one else who races buy one. jeff
  12. jeff14

    2010 manuel

    Can anybody with their owners manual for their 2010 450 please confirm the engine oil volume. I have not received my manual yet. when changing the oil for the first time I drained out apx 2 quarts. seemed high. I presently put 1 liter back in ran for 3 minutes & let set for 3 & the oil level is apx 1/2 way in the sight window. Just curious what the manual says w & w/o filter . Thanks in advance . Jeff
  13. jeff14

    I sat on the 2010 YZ450F today! (WHITE)

    As usual Gray racer applies logic & a calm approach. On my 2010 it takes less than 2 minutes to change out the filter. yes there was a learning curve. The trans comment I never noticed any odd spacing. The thing about gearing it's never perfect for every part of track anyway. The efi.I have the tuner I will change it around when I feel it nessary. The vibration. I think it is from the loud intake noise . Like when you put a air intake on your car/truck Usually when MXA likes it, I dont. I coming off an 09 yz450 f ..Jeff
  14. jeff14

    Rmz 08/09 experts!

    The wear washer between the muffler & the frame?
  15. jeff14

    Why shims instead of adjustable tappets?

    Well the assumption that ktm does not use shim under bucket is not correct as ktm's sxf 250 & 450 [ KTM mx bikes ] have this arrangement . also along with what was stated above . also shim under bucket is more reliable at high rpm. Dont be afraid of this type of a set up It's not hard at all to shim your valves.