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  1. The bike model is a 2006 WR450F
  2. I did that and found that one cam had the same number and the other was different. I originally brought the bike in just wanting the timing changed and that is when the tech told me that the timing wont change much he recomended changing the cam.
  3. I am pretty sure it is the intake cam.The tech that is doing the job said that the WR has one cam that is the same as a YZF and one that is different and he was going to install the YZF cam in replacement of the other.
  4. Has anyone installed the YZF450 intake cam in ther bike. I am considering doing it and am curious how it changed the power
  5. I had Labrum Tear surgery twice. Mine was 40% torn and the first time they scoped it which was a joke. If you have the option I would recommend going under the knife. I ended up being out for a total of a year and a half because I opted to have it scoped first. And as far as the recovery goes just do what the therapist say. They know the proper time frames, and make sure you do everything they give you to do at home.