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  1. robmc

    92 RM125 Clutch Hub

    Thanks much, Uncle A. Best, Rob
  2. robmc

    92 RM125 Clutch Hub

    Howdy, Anyone know the actual span of interchangeable years on this part? I've heard 92-94, and also 92-99. I need a replacement and have come across several good deals on the later years. Thanks. Best, Rob
  3. robmc

    XR350 Parts?

    Cool Jeff, Sent you a PM. Thanks, Rob
  4. robmc

    XR350 Parts?

    Hey, Anyone know of a good parts source (besides ebay) for an 83 xr350? I had a screw meander it's way through the oil passage into the rt case and lodge under the kicker gear. Still not sure where the screw came from, although the bowels of hell come to mind. That case has more cracks in it than rosie o'donnell's mirror. Looking for a case and some tranny parts. Nothing currently on ebay. Thanks, Rob