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    Can't shift from 1st to 2nd!

    Take off left side cover and check shifter detent and spring (behind clutch).
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    Pro Circiut's pipes were on the majority of XR650R's I saw racing the Baja 1000 last month. There seems to be a lot of difference in the power different aftermarket pies make for the BRP. In my experience larger diameter head pies of equal lenght hit the hardest (ei. Doma, Pro circuit) especially up top. FMF and other which follow the stock type layout are smother without quite as much up top. I have not owned a BIG GUN system yet people I've talked to seem pretty divided. The best I can figure from thier response is that the BIG GUN's make good power, but if you ride a lot of rough stuff they break. Doma was difficult to fit (I wrapped it as it was going to touch everywhere, the head pipes, radiators, cylinder, case covers, etc.) But when I cranked up and twisted it it made me smile bigger than FMF or White Bros.