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  1. 15 300RR Up Near Paradise, CA
  2. California

    Cow Mountain sunday, will be first ride in a couple months
  3. I have the same bike run a ddk straight taper needle, 42 pilot, 185 main and a richer 6.5 slide from an rm 250, works very well.
  4. I believe all yrs fit, 03-04 six had single piston only difference
  5. I need a 10% code, will PM back one asap, soon as I order, thanks!
  6. The fender holes will not match up, I had to drill new holes to put an 11 fender on my 08. The new holes also ran into the old one so its kind of frankenstien. You will have to modify the number plate too. I saw a post on how to put an 06 -09 number plate on a 01 on here a while back. Both are doable with a little work I'm sure.
  7. Looking for an Aftermarket Rear Brake Pedal for 08 yz450. All I seem to find is for 2006 -2009 is for 205f or 250 2-strokes, does anyone know of one of those will fit my year? Or anyone who make one? Thanks In advance. Ralph
  8. i use an FMF SS powerbomb with the stock muffler. It added a little low end FMF said it would not work without their muffler - but it fit PERFECT
  9. I debated using smartperformance for a year, I have had Noleen, 650, Dicks, and WR1. Smart performance was the best for me.
  10. on my 08 yz450 done by smartperformance I have .47 up front and 6.0kg rear 27mm satic and 100 race sag The rear spring is stiffer than recomended and it seems like it would be out of balance but, it is best suspension I have had out of 4 other relvalves on 3 different bikes. 210lb w/ no gear - 1 st bike I have near touched the clicker no matter what conditions I am no expert rider though, intermediate over road racer skill level
  11. I have the same problem ocasionally on a 08 yz450 w/ Rekluse Pro & GYTR offroad flyweight. I have the stock pilot jet as I was told rekluses like lean jetting. I think the solution may be the merge adjustable leak jet.
  12. California

    Zoom, it's a small shop just north of San Jose
  13. i am 5'10", stock 08 450 bars were a little low, got a sore back sometimes, from leaning over when standing. I was going to get windams had them on my last bike and liked them, but then I got some barely used stock 08-09 ktm neken bars for free and they are just right, a little taller and less swept. Plus they are blueish so look different.
  14. I had 13/52 and it was pretty good in the tight woods, I went with 13/51 since I have installed the rekluse pro. 2 links longer on the chain also. 08 450 stock exhaust. Gytr offroad flywheel next addition might drop to 13/50 if the flyweight give more bottom end.
  15. got my 08 450 about 2 months ago, 5250 otd, east bay motosports a friend got a 250f same time for 4900 @ otd burlingame (bay area)