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    RMZ looking big

    I wouldn't say "love", check out Motocross Action Magazine. They said that you could "learn to love it". In my opinion MXA has great reviews, and I have never been disappointed by anything they have reccomended. I consider their reviews to be a little tougher than the other guys. Get the past issue where they reviewed the RMZ and you will be able to compare the two bikes, then go buy an RMZ.... I love mine and would buy another one tomorrow if I could. Always remember, you hear 10 times more bad than good and you wont hear much bad about the RMZ450- especially the suspension and power. The RMZ gets it done and the blue, red, and green boys ain't gonna rave about it.
  2. mx34n4

    Oil strainer problems...

    I have an 05 RMZ 450. Its got around 10 hours on it and all of the suggested maintenance (oil changes, timing chain tension, etc) has been done. Everything is great, so far, but my big worry are the two oil strainers in the bottom of the case. These strainers are in the oil drainback circut and if plugged will stop oil flow to the oil pump and destroy the motor. The manual suggests that they be checked and cleaned every 12 hours. To get to the strainers the cases to be split, which is a crazy design to me. Now the big question- is anybody doing this? I know the manual can be a little over cautious sometimes, after all who replaces the piston after 12 hours as suggested. The only reason that this worries me is because the parts guy at the dealership told me about a bike that came back after 20 hours. The strainers were plugged and the motor was locked up. Who knows though, the bike may not have been maintained and the oil may have never been changed. I am running synthetic oil to help prevent oil breakdown and particle build up and will change oil and filter every 6 hrs. Unless I hear any more horror stories I guess I will cross my fingers and hope for the best. If anyone else knows anything, please let me know. Thanks.
  3. mx34n4

    '05 Rm-z 450

    I bought an 05 for my son (wanted an 06, but I only found 1 within 250 miles of me and the dealer would'nt come off of his price)and I am very happy with this bike. My son loves it and the bike has given him the confidence to ride better than ever. He moved up a class and finished second in his first race on it....The bike has around 10 hours on it now and all of the suggested maintenance has been done-oil changes, timing chain, etc. No problems ...