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  1. i may be very interested in these, pm me a shipped price to 53558
  2. the white paint or stickers on the rear rim is awesome, the inside, not the lip
  3. Suzuki

    this is all ive heard of so far http://www.exriders.com/vbb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=262127
  4. hey, im looking for some people to ride with in wi, im in the madison area, where you at?
  5. hey, fon du lac's website is fdlmx.com, i rode there once last year, it was pretty sweet, im going again this year for sure
  6. yeah hes my cousins cousin, i dont know what that makes him to me though
  7. haha, tpunzy, im pretty sure i was bartending when you were there, tom is a good freind of mine and i went to school with jerrod
  8. hey tpunzy, who were you at the antlers with? the people that i know that come in there and ride work out at engelhart, that you?
  9. hey, just stopping to say were going out to buckeye today, ill be on the quad though, a red 400ex, cause still no hub, also i got rid of the red truck and i now have a black dakota, if you see me out there, stop and say whats up
  10. hey dude, sorry my name is chris, i start work at 8 and the races start at 9, yeah that would be cool to have a bunch of people meet up there, my cousin, the guy on the rm125 will probably be there too
  11. hey suzukimoto, do you know where the antlers tavern is? its on broadway, anyways, i work down there, i gotta work saturday night, all of you guys that ride together should come down and watch the season finalle of supercross, or anyone from the madison area
  12. suzukimoto, we will definietly ride together, im just waiting on a new hub right now, also sysc, i will definialty be heading to byron as soon as i get my new hub, ill pm you when i find out when were going
  13. ok, im pretty sure i know who you are then, is your brothers name dillon?
  14. hey suzukimoto, when are you going to mt carrol next?, im also from madison, maybe we could meet up down there, how old are you, what do you ride?
  15. go to atvriders.com and click the video section, there quite a few vids there