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    TE 450 Fork Spring Spacer

    I have a 06 TE450 with full Race Tech suspension that was set up for a 150 lb. rider (bought used) and I weigh 200 lb. no gear. I decided to put the stock springs back in but found that Fork springs are different lenths. Sitting on the bench the stock Fork spring is about 3/8" to 1/2" shorter than the Race Tech spring. Does that mean I need to get/make a longer spacer? I wasnt sure if that would affect preload. The spacer below the spring was black PVC pipe looking thing, not sure if that was stock or something Race Tech put in. I ride mostly tight single track but hit a jump every now and then. Any opinions or information would help me with this first time, do it yourself project.
  2. xhawaiian

    TE 450, what do I try next?

    thanks guys for all the input. I have the A/P cap removed, no oring, JD red needle on the 4th from top clip setting. I have to check which leak jet I have but it is what came with the JD kit. Based on the videos and graphs that Coffe posted, (awesome btw!) I thought I would try a 65 leak jet, (shop in my area didnt have a 75). To me it feels like its just getting a sudden jolt of fuel, but I am no expert. From reading all the jetting posts if its an issue with the first 0 to 1/4 twist of the throttle its something with the pilot circuit or leak squirt right? I dont have the funds to try a rekluse.....yet. thanks again.
  3. I have a 2006 TE450 that I have been trying to set up to ride in the tight single track of northern california. JD kit installed, G2 throttle cam installed, power now (the one that goes on the engine side of carb), 13/52 gearing, fuel screw set according to TT. The bike starts fine, runs strong, no bog or flat spot, but..............I've always thought that it is very abrupt in power delivery off throttle to on, the instant you twist it, so the G2 cam barely comes into play. I've kinda learned to live with it but after trading bikes with a friend he said it was very "jerky" even if you tried to be very smooth with the throttle and only turn it 1/8th inch or so. Yes the gearing is a little low but it used to lurch even more with the stock gearing. So my question what do I check next? I was thinking maybe bigger leak jet like a 65 and A/P screw set to 2.75mm? Less fuel shooting into carb? HELP!
  4. I have a 2006 TE450 with the JD kit installed, stealth fuel screw, power now, G2R throttle, 13/52 gearing, stock exhaust opened up. Love the bike but thought it had too much punch at initial throttle opening for the tight rocky single track that I ride in northern california. I also felt it might be running rich based on what I've read, "idle speeds up when the hot start is pulled, no need for choke to start a cold bike". So I thought I would check the idle circuit to make sure my pilot was correct and to see if that might tone down the beast a little more. Warmed up the bike turned the fuel screw in all the way...........and the bike kept running. Took out the stealth fuel screw and re-installed the stock fuel screw, turned it in all the way............and the bike kept running. ***! Any suggestions? (spring, o-ring, little washer in correctly)
  5. xhawaiian

    Handful of BB's

    I wondered how it was making that sound with and inflated tube inside a tire. I do believe I have a bridgestone tube in there. Thanks.
  6. xhawaiian

    Handful of BB's

    Rode this tire for the first time in death valley, lots of sand and rocks, not to mention it was my first ride in that type of terrain so its hard for me to say how it compared. I will say this though, it didn't show that much wear, but the maxxis desert IT I had on the rear got tore up.
  7. xhawaiian

    Handful of BB's

    Is that bad for the tube? I asked the shop if they powder the tube before installing, they said no. Should I try to get the balls outta there?
  8. xhawaiian

    Handful of BB's

    Has anyone run into this situation: Put on a new front Dunlop 745 90/100 with an ultra heavy duty tube (local shop installed) for a death valley ride. Has about 375 miles on it and the other day after cleaning the bike I spun the front tire and as it was coming to a stop it sounded like there was a handfull of BB's rolling around in there. I havent had the time to pull the tire off to see what could be making the noise so I thought I would ask here.
  9. xhawaiian

    Am I asking for Trouble?

    Sounds like I may need to work on my technique instead of gearing. I think I will try the G2 throttle cam 300 which is a more gradual pull than the stock 100. Then try a 13 cs sprocket (cheaper than rear, better wheel spacing). If too snappy maybe get a 49 rear (ironman) to go with the 13 cs. The thing that spooked me was reading that Ruffus and Coffee had bone breakage with the lower gearing. I guess if all else fails...... avoid tight, rocky, technical sections? Seriously though, thank you everyone for the input, the Husky Forum rocks!
  10. xhawaiian

    Am I asking for Trouble?

    Thanks for the info Ride. I actually do have the G2 throttle but I have only tried the 200 cam, I will try the 300 next. They even have a new throttle tube with new bushings that take away the rattle, it is real smooth now. The reason I was looking at the gearing issue is because we hit some rocky, steep single track where we are doing less than walking speeds in some instances. I hope this doesnt sound stupid, but it seems like for every stroke of the engine the rear wheel wants to turn more than on my 250? Thats how it feels to me. Not to mention I dont like to fan the clutch too often. I guess I was thinking in terms of like going from 4 high to 4 low in a jeep, I have just never played with gearing before.
  11. xhawaiian

    Am I asking for Trouble?

    This question pertains to gearing. I went from a 05 TE250 to a 06 TE450 and I feel that in the real tight technical stuff when you give it a little twist the 450 wants to leap ahead. More so than the 250 (I believe stock gearing is 14/50.) So I was thinking of going with a 13 tooth front sprocket but not sure if that is too big a drop. If so should I go with a 49 rear? I dont have a lot of clearance with the big rear tire so didnt want to go with a bigger rear sprocket. Will a 13/50 or 13/49 give me more "crawling" ability or is it just going to leap away more?
  12. xhawaiian

    How is the IMS tank secured to the frame?

    I have an 06 TE 450 with an older IMS 3.4 gal tank. As far as I can see there should be 3 round rubber bushings/grommets that are on the frame of the bike: one on each side of the frame and one on top that fits around the post that you bolt the seat post/tank hold down bolt to. Sometimes the bushing on top stays in the hole in the bottom of the tank. I dont think the tank actually touches the top of the frame, so it looks like it rests on those 3 bushings. I hope that is right maybe someone else can confirm.
  13. xhawaiian

    TE450 vs TE250 battery

    Thanks George.
  14. xhawaiian

    TE450 vs TE250 battery

    I had a 2005 TE250 that I bought a new battery for about a year ago, so when it came time to upgrade to a plated 2006 TE450 I thought I would swap batteries so I could keep the one I bought. Both bikes started fine prior to the swap. So the battery sat for about a month (occasionally on a batt. tender) then when I tried to fire up the TE450....... only clicks. Rode the bike around for several hours still only clicks. Do they use different amp batteries?
  15. xhawaiian

    '06 TE250 suspension setup?

    Hey TwoBurgers, when you say rear: highC@2 in, do you mean 2 in from max out? and the low C is 18 out from max in? I weigh 230 with gear and had suspension done at Aftershocks in northern Ca. because he races a husky. but even with the suspension done I still thinks its a bit harsh over small choppy ruts. It handles the rocks and bigger bumps on single track excellent though. When I ride my friends XR400 it glides over the chop a lot better. How do you feel over the choppy stuff with your set up now as compared to stock?