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  1. I'd say that the noise was yet to come. You probably would have felt it in the clutch lever too. That's how it went with my '00 Adventure.
  2. ande749

    KTM LC4 Adventure-R 640

    I just bought a new 2000 Adventure. Haven't ridden it yet though, we're still having snow here in Finland. But any day now... I bought mine from a dealer after having talked to some guys owning Adventures or bikes with the same LC4 engine. They all were very satisfied with their bikes. I've also tried the LC4 Enduro so I had a little presentiment of the bike as I was buying it. I chose the Adventure mainly because it's got such a large fuel tank. My previous bike was a 99 WR400F. It wasn't very suitable for my use so I traded it to the KTM. Ande
  3. ande749

    No more blue

    Yesterday I traded my WR into a new KTM LC4 640 Adventure-R. I had been planning to change the bike since last autumn. Now that I'm done with my studies and got a job I got the KTM. I was satisfied with WR but it wasn't the right choise for my use. I prefer fast gravel roads, need a long refuel distance and want to tour with the bike. WR is ment for other deeds, as you all should know. Best Wishes Ande
  4. ande749


    I've ridden my 99 WR about 12000 km since last July. It was a new bike and since it was a previous year's model I got it cheap. I've done my riding mostly on trails and gravel roads. I've kept about a 1000 km oil change interval and did my first valve clearance check/adjust at 6000 km. Now it's about the time for the second check/adjust. No problems so far.
  5. ande749

    Some images

    No english version, but a few pictures of a nice weekend from the end of last summer. I'm the one with the WR and yellow/blue helmet. Me and some friends rode during 2 days about 700 km on great small gravel roads. It's not legal to go into woods without an approval of the owner. Doesn't bother me much, I'm more into trails anyway. Altough riding in winter nice, I'm beginning to wish it was summer again. http://www.finnbike.com/quasimoto/galleriassa/Salpa_ajelut/index.html
  6. ande749

    Rubbing Chain

    Two things come to mind. Is the drive sprocket correctly installed? Maybe you use too low rpms? On 5th gear I need to ride at least 70 km/h to have a smooth ride. I still have the original chain after 12000 km. It is rather loose now and if I haven't adjusted it properly, it'll have a contact with the tire but not with frame. I just checked from my bike that there's about 1 cm from the chain to the down tube, when the bike is in rest. If you have less, check the sprocket. Ande
  7. I've ridden since beginning of last July about 12000 km with my 99WR. I bought it then and it was new. It's much more comfortable than the Hva TE410 which I had previously. How much do you think you would be riding on the road? I think that a WR is too slow for road use. I've changed sprockets from stock (14/50) to 15/48 and still feel that engine is revving too high for continuous ride at 100 km/h. There's no room for a 16 front sprocket and even if there was, the first gear would be too tall (or whatever it is called). I'd trade my WR to an XR650R but they are not available in Finland. I'm planning to trade it to a KTM LC4 640E. For short occasional rides on the road WR is fine. Ande
  8. ande749

    WR426 PAIN>>>>>oh my azz! :p

    That's odd. I've spent several times 3 - 5 hours continuously on the bike without any breaks bar reading map and I don't remember ever having a sore tail bone. Of course the muscles can get sore, but that happens with most bikes. I think that my FZR was more uncomfortable. I have a stock seat, wonder if they have changed it since 99... Over 1000 km on studs. I don't remember when I have last enjoyed winter as much as now. I finishing my MSc thesis, and that damn thing keeps me from riding as much as I'd like to. Luckily there still should be some winter left after I'm done with the thesis. Ande
  9. ande749

    WR400 Supermotard from Paris France

    1.) - 2.) I had about 5000 km before first clearance check, now almost after another 5000 km I'm planning to check again. No symptoms of too small/large clearance though. 3.)This is no owners manual but a rather good page still: Ande
  10. ande749

    Fine tuning suggestions

    I had similar problems with my 99wr. I set it richer, and covered the left side radiator completely to keep the water temperature high enough. I think that the carb in my bike is different from yours so I can't suggest you any numbers of the jets. I've noticed that at least my bike is rather sensitive concerning the outside temperatures and takes few kilometers of easy riding before it has warmed up properly. Ande
  11. ande749

    Riding on ice

    The pictures weren't from my bike. I don't know about sizes.
  12. ande749

    Cherry red

    Header in my bike glows too, particularly when idling. I noticed that for the first time just after I had changed stock silencer to Spes YZ loudener and I thought that my jetting had gone all wrong. I called to importers maintenance and they said it's normal. The wall of the header is very thin compared to normal street bike header and that's why it glowes. If it runs lean it blasts when decelerating, but I believe you knew this already. If bike seems to run fine, I wouldn't touch the jetting. Have you covered radiators? In another post you mentioned that you ride in rather cold conditions. Covering radiators could be recommended. Ande
  13. ande749

    Riding on ice

    In what part of US (?) do you live? We usually should also have lots of snow here but this winter it didn't snow until christmas. Now there's about 4 - 6 inches of snow when we should have at least a 1 - 1.5 ft of it.. Well, that leaves me a lot of trails to ride and now the lakes too. So I'm not complaining. Besides riding in snow this deep takes a lot of fuel! I usually get about 5.7 liter/100 km consumption and now it takes about 7.2 litres. Also too much snow makes riding difficult, there's hardly any grip in the rear, the wheel just spins. So in my opinion, the weather's fine. I hope some more snow though, since I live in a small city and can't avoid asphalt and have lost already some studs from my rear tire. Ande P.S. Check out these pictures of studs of ice use only. I've once tried a CR500 with such tires. Pulling wheelies at 4th gear on ice require a lot of grip. http://www.iceroadracing.com/cgi-bin/show.cgi?Pic=Spike.jpg&cat=1&page=1 http://www.iceroadracing.com/cgi-bin/show.cgi?Pic=Tyre.jpg&cat=1&page=1 http://www.iceroadracing.com/cgi-bin/show.cgi?Pic=CloseUpTyre.jpg&cat=1&page=1 [This message has been edited by ande749 (edited 01-19-2001).]
  14. ande749

    Tight throttle cable?

    Also check the throttle grip. I broke mine when I went down and the throttle didn't wind off before I cleanded all the dirt and plastic pieces between the grip and the handlebar. Ande
  15. ande749

    Riding on ice

    Eventually most of the sludge due to balmy winter so far has frozen. It is hard to describe how cool it is to ride on bare ice. Long wide slides on 5th gear at 65 mph are something that one doesn't get to try everewhere. No need to worry about oncoming vehicles, bikes aren't so common at this time of year and snowmobiles aren't that good on bare ice. Besides there is enough room... Mike and others with studded tires, if you have any chance to try, go ahead! I know how I'll be spending saturday! Ande