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  1. McCockner

    Stonyford Memorial Weekend

    If you ever get the idea to camp at Letts lake, they don't like bikes up there, you have to kill the motor 200yrds. down the road and push it in, or else the old man call the ranger and has him write you a ticket. I watched them write a ticket to a 10 year old.
  2. McCockner

    Great deal on a Top End

    Do you need the whole bike? If so before I ask the wife... what is the nearest major town? and what is the est. for parts. I have a 06KX450f with 77hrs on it. I'm in Oakley, CA
  3. In the winter...I use the 50/50 simple green mixture, and a toilet scrubber brush that looks like a X-mas tree to get the dirt off, then I cover the bike (except the grips and brake disk) in silicone based tire foam and blow it dry with compressed air. The tire foam is pretty resistant to cohesive soils, and makes it easier to clean off later. In the summer, I get my wife to put on a bikini and blast it with the garden hose...i wish.
  4. McCockner

    Bar risers

    I'm 6'4" and I ride with those bolt on risers, they just tweak a little when I crash, but I also use the KX high bend protapers, a SDG tall seat, and The Fastway low boy F3 foot pegs.
  5. So my 06 KXF is all tricked out and I went to mount the Acerbis EVO disc guard...but it doesn't fit. Why, because I have aftermarket hubs manufactured by RAD MFG. Check them out hey are wicked trick w/ zerk fittings. So anyways... Does anyone know of a decent disc guard that mounts to the fork instead of the hub?
  6. McCockner

    06 450 prob.. solve this and I'll pay $10!

    do you know for a fact that it is coming from the case? I've leaked oil in the same manner but it was one fork seal...then the other. As for the breather hose dripping my did the same thing...after I rode it though..but stopped after I cleaned the worms of silicone out of my primary filter. Good luck.
  7. McCockner

    toughest trails in nor cal

    Hey when you do make it to the top...watch out for the gnarly ruts that run perpendicular to the hill climb. I made it all the way up to the top, flew in to this three foot deep crack and lets say took a victory dirt nap.
  8. McCockner

    sdg seat?

    My Sdg seat has stayed pretty firm but the cover has gotten a little baggy, on the edge, kinda like my grandmas elbow. I've put 60 hrs. on it though...the seat, that is.
  9. McCockner

    Rockstar energy drink.

    I'm not promoting monster by anymeans but it is one of the few drinks on the market that doesn't have high fructose corn syrup in it which is one of the hardest sugars for your body to digest, and this a rare thing occurance considering almost every beverage has it in there, Power-Ade, Rasberry Ice Tea, Coke, even Minute Made has fallen to the level of cutting their juices with the crap. Besides, I'll mix one with 1/2 part gin and tear up a backyard fifty track shirtless, drunk and rowdy. Or a Rockstar/Jagger bomb, or the GreyGoose/Redbull. But I don't mix that in my regular diet. Taurine is Cow bile The vitimin B's are the whip. I take a B complex once a day and drink only water. It keeps my metabolism runnig better than anything else I've tried. I learned it from a triathalon guru. The best drink I think that is out there is one called "Cyto-max" check it out. It is so good you don't have to mix it with booze.
  10. McCockner

    Recovering from sore muscles faster?

    Tagger Shanes I'm trying to get back in the swing so I joined a gym. I made the mistake of throwing on to much weight while doing reps on my pecks( a little somethin somethin for the wifey) oh the pain. The L-Glu/Protien shake is working perfect for the rest of my body; however after reading the article posted by tagger(that's a very good link:applause: ) I'm wondering if I need to cut back all of my training or just the pectorals, to get these flaming tit musles to cool down. I started training last Monday, worked the Pecks Wendsday, and it is Saturday night and I can't sleep because they are so damn sore...still. I'm not in to pain pills. I've already 8 I'm running three miles a day and my man boobs hurt more from bouncing than my nagals. Am I a wus or am I doing something wrong?
  11. McCockner

    >> StonyFord, Thanksgiving WEEK ! ! <<

    Last time I went to Praie City I got lost; in the parking lot it was so confusing. I couldn't even find a trail. I asked people where the trails were but the poopheads just laughed at me. Maybe I can ride with you guys this Turkeyday. Stoneyford is hecka crowded, and I end up ridding my fifty around the campfire, it has a cup holder.
  12. McCockner

    06 Headpipe?

    There is one on ebay right now, a FMF 4.1
  13. McCockner

    Red Sticker Season dates have changed

    This is to sweet, Foresthill...I'm coming for you baby!
  14. McCockner

    OHV Protest - August 26 Placerville Fairgrounds

    Wow, I had a great time protesting! It was like being on the thread but I could pick up Ice Cream and tell bad jokes. I think we made a big impact and really got the entire comunitys attention. Unfortunately, my incredibly eye catching picket sign has turned up missing...g i wonder, look there it is with the tree
  15. 06 KX450f 01 KX250(265cc) 04 CRF50 02 KTM 50SX Track and pit... I've got both