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  1. dbkidcraig

    Looking for old GYTR spark arrestor

    That exhaust was made by Dr. D, You sould be able to get it from them. http://www.dubachracing.com/cart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=6_88
  2. dbkidcraig

    Woods setup?

    Yep they also have a -4 oz. available.
  3. dbkidcraig

    Woods setup?

    Kawasaki has heavier fww available for your bike. I believe it is +4 oz.
  4. dbkidcraig

    '10 thur '13 larger offroad tank?

    Come on IMS build it and they will come!!
  5. dbkidcraig

    '10 thur '13 larger offroad tank?

    Does anyone have any info if there will be a larger tank available for the 10-13's? I did not see anything on Clarke's or ims's website.
  6. dbkidcraig

    '13 larger gas tank?

    Does anyone have any info if there will be a larger tank available for the 13's? I did not see anything on Clarke's or ims's website.
  7. dbkidcraig

    Anyone recognize this Pipe??

    It looks like a FMF factory fatty painted to stop the rust on the bare metal pipe.
  8. Here is a couple pictures of my old 04 200sx.
  9. dbkidcraig

    Surprised hubby with a new bike...

    The 2005 was a good year for the 200exc. It came stock lights, and a spark arrestor. The 2004 I had was fairly similar to the 05 and i did notice the seat height being about a inch lower. You can lower the shock pretty easily with a synergy seal x-bushing and raising the forks in the clamps. http://www.shop.synergyseals.com/product.sc?categoryId=3&productId=18 But the greatest thing about the Ktm 200 is the motor. Its produces great power and the powervalve is adjustable to change the engine characteristics.
  10. dbkidcraig

    Surprised hubby with a new bike...

    It was nice to be "in the know" on this surprise. Karen what a cool gift! If you need any help with setting a 200 up I have alot of good info about these bikes. Heck you are more the welcome to take mine out for a test ride. Hope to see you and Jon at a couple more rides this year. P.s. I have been spreading the word about your old bikes, looks like the ttr sold, but i have been trying to tell my dad that he needs to upgrade his dual sport bike to the 520!!
  11. dbkidcraig

    At my selling point and dont know if I should

    Carajean- With a little work the 125 can be a blast in the michigan sand. I own a 02 rm 125 just to play around on and to hone my skills. I dont know if you remember but I rode with you a couple years ago out at the mounds with the bunker's. When we rode together you still had your ttr. One thing you need to remember about riding michigan sand is momentum is your friend. I think you would be ok on a 250f but a 250 might be to big for you. if you need any other help let me know.
  12. Last weekend I had the left powervalve flapper break on my 02 rm125. When it broke the power valve piece went into the piston causing the bike to lose comperssion. I was lucky and the only damage was the piston and the powervalve piece. The part number for the piece is 11255-36F00 it looks like parts from 01-02 will fit. If anyone has some extra parts let me know. Thanks.
  13. dbkidcraig

    Cool Husky Video

    Found this on youtube. Makes me wish i could ride my 06 wr 250 this good.
  14. dbkidcraig

    200 jetting database.

    Year: 04 Model (E,W,XC,M,SX): SX Carb size (39, 38 or 36mm): 39 Slide: 5.5, stock Main jet: 190 Pilot Jet: 45 Air screw (turns out): 1.5 Needle model/Clip position: R1469G Altitude where you ride: 800'-1500' Reeds - Vforce3 Pipe/silencer - Doma sx, FMF Turbine Core 2 Head mod - squish, gap - don't know, it has a Wiesco piston, though, that's all I know. Other mods: 47tooth rear sprocket, 2007 125sx rolling chassis, Trail Tricks Revalve, XC tank, Lights. Type of fuel - pump 93 Where in the powerband do you ride (Lugger - for technical stuff, or wide open - desert / MX): I ride more wide open unless it is a relly muddy day. I uses this bike for enduros and has one of the best motors out there. Degree of satisfaction: very satisfied. And finally: how much spooge 1) none, 2) little, 3) medium, 4) lots - (1)
  15. dbkidcraig

    pics of KTMs that arent orange

    Here is my 04 200sx