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  1. J-Lizard

    Expecting a yfz450 for x-mas, got a few ?'s

    Thanks bullet.
  2. J-Lizard

    Expecting a yfz450 for x-mas, got a few ?'s

    Yeah it's supposed to be a sick nasty good quad, but i'm all for yamaha. now Suzuki is plenty good though, so don't get me wrong.
  3. J-Lizard

    Expecting a yfz450 for x-mas, got a few ?'s

    Hey punisher, thanks for the input. i plan on getting a twist throttle, and some new bars right off the bat. then im gonna try for exhaust and definately getting some nerf bars. then bumpers and later come wheels and tires i guess because they are a lot more expensive than i expected. explain this "cam mod" to me. and explain the airbox mod too.
  4. J-Lizard

    Expecting a yfz450 for x-mas, got a few ?'s

    Nice bike! thanks for the heads up on the tools as well. i'll check e-bay out later on. ALSO! What size rim?!?
  5. J-Lizard

    Expecting a yfz450 for x-mas, got a few ?'s

    Well as I mentioned my friend who races Pro-Am in the GNCC's run's these wheels, along with his brother on all theyre bikes. I rode a bike equipped with these wheels and handled one before it had been installed. exceptionally light and they have had no issue's that were mentioned, they seem to love these wheels, and the nicest thing is that when you hit rocks or trees they just scuff, they don't get chunks gouged out of them like aluminum, and the beadlock bolts are protected with a nice deep recess all around. but thanks for the heads up! anyone else got some idea's?
  6. Well as you guessed... i'm new. to the site atleast.... Iv'e been riding pretty much all my life, i got a 01' yz125 but plan to change to quad's this x-mas with a yfz450. got a friend who runs Pro-Am in the GNCC's and after riding his race quad i'm hooked on getting this thing and running some gncc's, heck... maybe i'll get somewhere. but anyways i just wanted to know is it worth buying the bill ballance edition? i think it would be just as cheap to buy my own nerf bars and bumpers for a regular 450. aslo, what do i need to do to this thing besides change my wheels and tires? (because i want to change them first) im gonna get nerf's and exhaust as well. later maybe a new ignition and in the future some motor work but until then what is good steering stabilizer, what company makes the tires that look identical to the maxxis razr and holeshot tire? also, i like the "Hitec" i think it was, carbon fiber beadlocks... they are niiiice. so just give me a few idea's and it will be appreciated. - Lizard.