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  1. T-unit

    Brake Pad Suggestions?

    I like the ebc x-series pads... On the rear they run cooler than any other pad I have ever tried!
  2. I am looking at some different rear rotors... I drag my rear brakes through corners sometimes and after a long moto the pads and rotor are smoking hot. I have switched to using ebc carbon kevlar pads. They run cooler than anything. Anyways, I wonder what material runs cooler. Carbon stainless steal, carbon steal, or chrome molybdenum alloy steel. I don't really care about the braking power on the rear wheel, I just want it to run cool. Any suggestions, and pleas don't tell me to just not drag my brakes... lol Acceleration and braking are supposed to overlap at times.
  3. T-unit

    2010 piston

    i'm pretty sure that the 09 piston will not work in the 08 engine.
  4. T-unit

    my restored 08 kx250f

    $175. i'm kinda friends with the guy that did it.
  5. T-unit

    my restored 08 kx250f

    thanks. it's powder coated with black texture.
  6. T-unit

    my restored 08 kx250f

    what do ya think?
  7. T-unit

    Hot Start Plunger question?

    I have a 2008 kx250f and never use the hot start lever. I actually broke it off on purpose so nobody could pull it in cause I've had trouble with them sticking in the past. Anyways, has anyone ever found a way just to plug it off right on the carb? I thought about finding a bolt and drilling the center out a little bit. Then locktiting it on there so it is sealed off good. Has anyone else ever done this or do they sell something to do this easier?
  8. T-unit

    RV to race us open

    oh cut him some slack, he's only been back on the bike for 2 weeks.
  9. T-unit

    ***SPOILER*** 2009 US Open Results ***SPOILER***

    I just read somewhere that he just pulled off the track.... maybe 2 weeks of riding wasn't cutting it....
  10. T-unit

    ***SPOILER*** 2009 US Open Results ***SPOILER***

    I'm trying to find out why RV dnfd.... hope he didn't hurt his freakin knee!
  11. T-unit

    ***SPOILER*** 2009 US Open Results ***SPOILER***

    I hope rv isn't hurt
  12. T-unit

    ***SPOILER*** 2009 US Open Results ***SPOILER***

    what happened to villipoto?
  13. T-unit

    08 KXF 250 Powder coated frame

    is it done? I'd love to see a pic of it finished. I see your avatar but it's really a small pic..
  14. T-unit

    dunlop 51's on my kx250f

    I have way more confidence laying it down in corners with the maxxis rather than the bridgestones that come on the bike. I don't care much for the bridgestones....
  15. T-unit

    dunlop 51's on my kx250f

    I thought they were supposed to wear a lot better than the 756... I hope so.