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  1. x440s_in_San_Diego

    Stiff clutch lever

    Mine is the same way, little stiffer after removing the Rekluse. I didn't put the washers under the springs like the directions say. (While installing the Rekluse you have to file about 2mm off the clutch spring towers.) However, I backed the bolts out a little to simulate the washers there and didn't notice a difference. We should probably call Rekluse and see what they say. I'm probably going to put the auto clutch back in...
  2. x440s_in_San_Diego

    ktm 525

    If you keep your riding to about a tank of gas on the street, it's great. More than that and you'll feel some pain, even with a soft seat. However, I much prefer it to riding a street bike for short distances.
  3. x440s_in_San_Diego

    450EXC Starting/Running problem - HELP!

    Sorry to hear about the rings and piston. I'd be pissed that the dealer after several hours of labor couldn't figure that out. I'm not a certified mechanic and that was one of the first things that I thought of. I'd complain to the owner of the shop and see what he can do. 40 hours is kindof low. Maybe he can convince KTM (assuming he is a dealer) to kick down the parts. In response to the question of a leakdown test...you screw in an adaptor into the sparkplug hole and apply a few pounds of air pressure. The pressure should go down slowly. If the air leaves the cylinder rapidly, you may be able to hear it coming out the valves or past the rings into the crankcase.
  4. x440s_in_San_Diego

    Can someone explain

    Go here and look at some of the vids...hope you have a good connection.
  5. x440s_in_San_Diego

    KTM 450SX vs XR400

    Were you getting traction with your XR? Are his tires worn out? Did his bike want to wheelie the first couple of gears?
  6. x440s_in_San_Diego

    Killer Brake options

    I also use an F4 mastercylinder...it's 5/8 in.
  7. x440s_in_San_Diego

    whats going on with my bike?

    Pilot jet is plugged.....so it won't idle off the choke. That has nothing to do with the over heating though......idling a water cooled engine for more than a few seconds without coolant can do some serious damage. If it still starts and doesn't get coolant into the oil, your head gasket is probably still ok. Earlier starter buttons were a little flakey, I have to flick my off switch a few times before the starter will engage.
  8. x440s_in_San_Diego

    How to convert WR426 to SM

    If you get a normal road bike caliper, you'll have clearance issues with the spokes. I even had to offset the front wheel and file the back of a Brembo four pot billet caliper which is much narrower. Stick with supermoto specific caliper, ie Braking, Motomaster or Berringer. Braking (brand) caliper does not require an adapter bracket. Check out some of the sponser websites and see what they've put together. Many will do a package deal.
  9. x440s_in_San_Diego

    450EXC Starting/Running problem - HELP!

    Before you pull it apart, do a leak down test. If air is escaping, you'll be able to hear where it's coming from. With so few miles, I really doubt it's from Piston ring wear. Maybe broken, but not likely. If air is coming from the valves, you could loosen the valve rockers all the way and that should tell you if the valve is cupped or not.
  10. x440s_in_San_Diego

    How to convert WR426 to SM

    Wait for a used set to show up. You should be able to get rims and spokes for $550, 250 for rotor and bracket and about 300 for new tires. Get take off tires if possible for much cheaper. If you can't lace your wheels (or don't want to) figure about 70 per wheel. If you post a request for these parts, you'll probably get some offers of 1k or less.
  11. x440s_in_San_Diego

    450EXC Starting/Running problem - HELP!

    Did they do a leak down test to see if you have a valve seat problem? I wonder if something is holding a valve open. 70 seems low to me also, but I don't know the specs. You said it's not blowing oil, so I'd think the piston is good. May be worth pulling the head to check out the valve and piston face. Put new rings in while you are there.... Or you could be on to something with the auto decompressor....maybe find a cheap head on ebay or KTMtalk if someone is parting out a bike.
  12. x440s_in_San_Diego

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Thanks! Yes, rear is a 5.0 inch 160 tire. Much easier to get the wheel in. Ride mostly on the street, so I'm not too worried about the chain coming off.
  13. x440s_in_San_Diego

    Show your moto!

  14. x440s_in_San_Diego

    Saw Super secret slipper clutch...

    Isn't the attraction of the slipper that you just dump the clutch and there's no chatter from the rear? I would assume that you need to regulate the brake pedal position to allow the clutch to slip....sorta like using the clutch lever to regulate the clutch slippage. I'm curious, just not convinced it works....