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  1. GlennF

    1994 xt225 serow

    Great reliable bike. Go here http://www.xt225.com/forums/ubbthreads.php for all the info you may need.
  2. GlennF

    Running Too Lean?

    Turning the pilot screw out 3 full turns is what is usually recommended. The bike will warm up much faster and start much quicker.
  3. GlennF

    XT 250 Power Levels

    The older model had 4 valve heads and eventually became the XT350.
  4. GlennF

    Dr-z 250 in hare scramble

    First order of business: Finish the race! Find a pace you can maintain and let the other riders crap out and you will trophy.
  5. GlennF

    Dr-z 250 in hare scramble

    I would think you could. Stiffening the suspension a bit would help. Hare scrambles are more rider than bike.
  6. GlennF

    Opening new Thumper talk chapter of my life

    I owned a 1986 TT350 and a 1985 XT350. Nice bikes. I plated the TT and always wished the XT had the TT frame & suspension. Only problem were the dual intake manifolds cracking. Second owner of the XT put on a super trapp which was much louder but no apparent power gain.
  7. Have you considered a used Yamaha XT225? 239 lbs. dry weight, low seat, 6 speed tranny. Thousands built 1992-2007
  8. They show the float needle as an assembly--part no. 13370 04F00
  9. FMF muffler would cause lean, not rich condition.
  10. GlennF

    Serow xt225

    My manual shows it below and under the front of the seat (#6 in manual)
  11. GlennF

    2007 Suzuki DRZ-250

    I had a 2006 which had the same carb as you have CV32 (non-pumper) I did the following: Jetting changes pilot 12.5 to 15, main 132.5 to 137.5 (1) 1 “ hole in airbox top (3) in right side of airbox = (3) Uni 1” filters. (1) .070 shim between nylon washer and next ones up on needle. Snorkel removed. made a big difference!
  12. First thing to do is remove brass plug guarding pilot fuel screw on bottom of the carb. Turn the screw in carefully until it bottoms, then turn it out 3 full turns. This will speed warmup. I went from a #40 to a #42.5 pilot jet and this speeds up warmup even more. (I am at 1200 feet elevation) Most XT225's of your vintage came with #130 main jets which are just fine.
  13. The XT doesn't have enough power to increase top speed with the 16T sprocket. It may improve your gas mileage but will require downshifts going up hills. I went to a 14T and top speed is the same as 15T but better gearing off-road.
  14. It did not seem to lose that much torque. It was geared fairly low.
  15. GlennF

    Need input on drz250

    I also had an XR400 as qwell as a DRZ250. Even when re-jetted, I would guess the DRZ is down about 10 HP from the XR400. Biggest problem with dual sporting a DRZ-250 is the close ratio transmission which limits top speed. I went from a 13T to 14T CS sprocket and that helped some. The DRZ did have enough HP for most off road riding.