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  1. yzfrider923

    Clutch Issues On My 06

    I knew you had to start it and run it. then look in the oil window but the proplem is that there are no hi or low marks.
  2. yzfrider923

    Clutch Issues On My 06

    Ok good news. After I took my bike back to my dealer and said the dealer mechanic said that the plates looked dry. He pulled them out and soaked them and put everything back together and said it was fixed. I rode it a little bit and still noticed the drag a little. After a few more rides i changed the oil to a semi-synthentic bell ray thumper to be exact. The clutch issue is gone. It goes into gear better, shifts better, and best of all doesn't drag anymore. so now i am all good. my only question is how do i properly check the oil on my bike?
  3. yzfrider923

    Radiator Braces/Guards

    do the devol or unabiker guards make your bike run any hotter?
  4. I was wondering if any companies make a radiator brace like the devol radiator guards but they don't look as ugly. I know they have the works connection braces but those only help for front to back movement. the devol guards help so that you don't squish the radiator. so i was just curious if anyone had anything like that? by the way i ride an 06yz250f. thanks for your help.
  5. yzfrider923

    06 250F Quiet Slip On Exhausts?

    I have the E2 on my yzf. I like it. The only thing that I dont like is that it is longer than the stocker. Overall the power seems to be the same. Even with the spark arrestor in I dont really notice a difference. Other than that i like it. It was easy to install and makes my bike a lot quieter.
  6. yzfrider923

    Lets see them 250f's!

    how do you like that exhaust?
  7. Hey guys i am looking to buy a newer truck and i was looking at a 1997 or a 1998 dakota 4x4 with the v8. Just wondering if anyone has one and likes or dislikes it. just looking for some input.
  8. yzfrider923

    New Exhaust

    I put it on last night. Installation was very easy. Just from riding it down the street i didnt notice any differce in the power. Maybe a little more grunt on the bottom end. It made it way quiter. I didnt bring my camera to work today so i couldnt load any pictures. I will post some tomorrow.
  9. yzfrider923

    New Exhaust

    I'll do that.
  10. yzfrider923

    New Exhaust

    Hey guys I got my new exhaust yesterday and i am going to put it on tonight after work. I got the White Brothers E2. Will it change my power at all? I have an 06 YZ250F.
  11. yzfrider923

    Problem with Clutch

    I had the same problem with my 06. I changed the oil and it started to creep. I took it back to the dealer and said look, i don't know why it is doing it so fix it. They had it for a week or two and when it came back still did it. I am going to try a new oil and a new clutch. I used the yamaha 4r oil and that is when i started to have problems.
  12. yzfrider923

    dual exhaust???

    I was talking to my dealer and they said that Yamaha already did some testing on it and said that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.
  13. My way of making money was always to go around to all the people on my street and ask if they needed anything done. I washed cars, cleaned garages, mowed lawns, cleaned pools, and did a hell of a lot of other stuff that i hated doing. I worked my ass off for a year and my dad bought me my first bike. (1987 CR125 for $200) and i ended up putting all that money that i made into it and made it a really nice bike to ride. I am 18 now and i sold my cr for $1200 and i used that and some other money that i had saved up and bought my first brand new bike my 06 YZ250F. If you buy your own bike you learn to respect it a lot more and you take better care of it. Also it is awsome to know that you bought your own bike and it is all yours.
  14. yzfrider923

    Rear tire/whell questions?

    Wow, thanks. I think that i am going to try the tube and tire first. Changing wheel sizes is not that big of a deal to me. My dad owns a motorcycle wheel and tire shop and so he can hook me up but i was just wondering if i would notice a difference on the track? Also it opens up a lot more tires to me. With the 19" there just isn't that many tires avaible for the desert anyways.
  15. yzfrider923

    Rear tire/whell questions?

    I know that i spelled wheel wrong in the title.