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  1. mattskn

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Me and a few guys have been riding that piece of trail for the last couple falls, really nice fast single track. we stayed at the little camp ground in trout lake cheap and a hot showers..
  2. mattskn

    Baja Acres anyone?

    you going for open practice tomorrow evening?
  3. mattskn

    Ambrose lake state park for camping / riding?

    Its first come first serve fairly big lots, I have seen some good size rigs there. trail head is couple 100 yrds down the road, you can ride to St Helen ,rose city the Ambrose loop, its a good centrally located riding area..really nice rustic camp ground
  4. mattskn

    Motor mounts 14 rmz 450

    Raced some hard pack over the weekend, not typical for my area, usually all sand. Racing 3 harescrambles this month with my woods bike, Ill report back next time I hit a moto event, hopfully in a couple weeks, make the mods the mounts this week coming up.
  5. mattskn

    Mx setup for 2017 Sherco 300 ser

    Love racing my 17 300ser Racing model that being said when I go mx racing its sketchy coming up short or over jumping, suspension bottoms fast and you end up with your feet parallel with the bars haha. I put on a 13 tooth front sprocket to increase the usefulness of 3rd gear at the track. If I race a Harescramble with a mx track I'm fine, allot of guys rolling jumps but at the mx race it gets sketchy, safer to just buy another bike for moto, I picked up a used RMZ 450 for moto. Please let me know what you come up with fork and shock valving wise if you do decide to revalve I'm interested, not to say the Sherco cant mx just not the ideal tool for the job..
  6. mattskn

    Motor mounts 14 rmz 450

    Thanks for the update, I'm going to race mine this weekend then make the change and see if the difference is noticeable.
  7. mattskn

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Sounds like an Adventure..
  8. mattskn

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    I rode Ambrose Lake after work last nigh, there logging off the Trees on the west side of Fairview road at the top of the hill. The logging company used the ORV trail to make there access road, which make it a challenge to find the trail, basically need to ride thru the woods till you hit the ORV trail, If you don't know the area might be a challenge.
  9. Like Fakasy said, I'm just telling you my opinion and honestly there both amazing machines, and I would buy both again. Apples to apples I live up in Michigan, The starter works well, Not dissing the Starter on the Sherco, but the Beta starter just always engaged and spun the engine didn't matter if the bike was hot, cold, in gear. sometime the Sherco starter has a small issue when the bike is in gear and hot ill have to put it in neutral and fire it, have had this happen a few times honestly it not a issue, 2 Dead engine starts this season and the Sherco has no problem starting and getting out in front.. I ride and race with a good friend who raced a Beta last 2 year and had the forks revalved by Stillwell and it did the trick, rode high in the stroke and ate up the roots and rocks, he kept trying to get me to send my forks down, I just didn't want to spend the money poor ass family man here, spending money on those mini bikes for my boy, I'm needing a second job..
  10. I have some experience on both the Beta and the Sherco, Just sold my 2015 Beta 300rr and am now riding a Sherco 300ser, Both great bikes Suspension: the beta works well for a trailride out of the box, the problem is the shims are a odd dimension in the sach and harder to get ahold of in my case. the Sherco has the typical WP open chamber fork easy to get parts for and a breeze to work on and modify, out of the box they perform very well a lot less dive then the beta. Starter: the beta starter will pull you up a hill, Sherco starter is adequate for the designed purpose. Motor: In my opinion the Beta has the edge in the power department but you cant beat the electric power valve the way it lays out the hit is amazing Geometry: the Sherco feels like the 07 YZ250 I raced for several years it just does what I want it to, point and pull the trigger and it goes. I had a little issue with getting the Beta to do what I wanted, I contribute that to the Fork.. Looks: you know I'm going to say Sherco that blue and hi vis is amazing and the fit and finish it second to none. Parts: Dude parts are easy for both bikes Clay or your local Sherco Dealer can get you anything you need, quick in most cases the private small dealer will strip down the bikes on the floor to get you to the next event.
  11. mattskn

    2017 Sherco 300 se-r

    Ive got that same bike, 16hrs on it now, just keeps getting better.
  12. mattskn

    Sherco: Making riding great again!

    I've ridden the 2017 husky 300 and the weight isn't noticeable compared to my 2017 sherco 300 2t. What I will say is the 2 are on the same level fit and finish, the air fork on the Husky is as plush as my open chamber fork on the Sherco which I am completely pleased with, no deflection on roots and rocks you point it and pull the trigger and it tracks. Im coming off a 2015 Beta 300rr I will give the power edge to the beta that thing would pull the front end up on a deep sandy beach without warning, I just couldn't get the fork were I wanted it..
  13. mattskn

    Gas by Ambrose lake

    I have made the trip from Ambrose to St.Helen on 2 gallons many times, We sometime stash gas in the woods top of the hill on Fairview road, if we decide to ride past Ambrose toward Rose city.
  14. mattskn

    Trail conditions 2017??

    Ran up to 61 after work yesterday and rode both sides, trails of course are sandy and whooped out, but dry and Fun to Ride...