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  1. maire mfg has them for 04-07
  2. Yes it is a Full system from Pro Circuit Ti4 GP system for the KLX450R. All $710 worth at least it came with the new end cap! Hey maybe someone on here can figure out the pipes we could use from the hareware store and get these things for uder $10... LOL
  3. The White Brothers part number is 35-400 retail is 29.95 not $90.... I have found these kits for as low as $19.95. Much cleaner!
  4. oh ya and the hand gaurds... also the hour meter!
  5. So far I have installed a WB smog eliminator kit from a CRF250/450X (fits perfect) PC Ti GP exhaust sytem, JD jet kit (165 MJ/ 48 PJ/ clip 4 groove from top) and ODI grips from KX250F. Runs real good next week I am going to mess with the cams!
  6. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a212/overthehillgang/000_1118.jpg Here are some pics of what we did to this one!
  7. WB AIS kit for the Honda CRF250/450X works just fine. Just installed it with JD jetting kit and full PC Ti Gp exhaust system. Runs great!!!