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  1. Mattallica

    Post pics of your CR's

    2000 CR250 Boyesen ported jug Boyesen Rad valve Pro Circuit exhaust IMS pegs Works Connection rad. guards reworked suspension 11oz flywheel(for trails)
  2. Mattallica

    wheres Stewart?

    definately odd....seems like another team/manufacturer would have offered a better deal. You'd think he could pretty much sign wherever he wants. Kawasaki reminds me of Honda back in the 90's...they acted like they were the reason McGrath was winning,when in reality it was the rider that was actually 'that much better'.IMO
  3. Mattallica

    wheres Stewart?

    Why would they do that? does he have no interest in it?
  4. Mattallica

    Supercross wheres Stewart?

    I have been way out of the loop for awhile...and I'm looking all around the web....cant get an answer. why is Stewart not racing the outdoors? Injury? I was watching the Mt Morris coverage today and was surprised to see no JS.
  5. Mattallica

    what's your truck?

    '02 Silverado 3" body lift ,33" pro comp mud terrains on 16x8 pro comp wheels
  6. Mattallica

    Just bought a 1993 kx250

    I had a 93 KX250 a few years back...absolute beast...easy design to the motor as far as rebuilds went,...could tear down/rebuild the top end and in less than an hour and have it running again. I liked the ergoes of the bike compared to the newer CR's of the time that I rode. Had problems with the fork seals on mine and the brakes were nothing fantastic,kinda mushy feeling...which was a Kawi thing IIRC. overall an awesome bike...I absolutely loved mine on trails....sold it becuase I took up mx riding and figured I'd be best off starting out on a 125...which probably saved my life!!LOL:thumbsup:
  7. Mattallica

    rear brake line for Pitster needed

    ok...so long story short...I need to replace the rear braided brake line on my sons '06 125x....Pitster site says out of stock...all the other sites I can think of dont list a brake line....anybody have a good direction to point me in?
  8. Mattallica

    gas gas sm450 impressions

    well the SM 450 has the 'E' button plus the kick starter..so starting issues would be hopefully nill. the dealership was telling me that the slipper clutch has some adjustability for compression braking while motard racing...and they said that they could help me set it up to do all kinds of things. they only recommended an FMF pipe for it over the stocker...he said it would really make a noticeable difference....he also said that with the gearing etc,...they figure the bike would reach close to 120mph on the street. thats a huge difference from the DRZ 400S I had a few years ago! I definately like the fact that you have owned both and can make a decent comparison...Thanx for the info...now I'm sold on buying one!!
  9. Mattallica

    gas gas sm450 impressions

    lay it on me bro! is it comparable to a Japanese 450?
  10. Mattallica

    gas gas sm450 impressions

    about 10 miles away...I was in the showroom today sitting on the motard ('05) model...felt pretty good...I know the owners fairly well...they even offered to let me take a small test ride at their local track when I was ready. just looking to see if anybody had one. they look pretty trick with the fuel injection, ohlins suspension, slipper clutch,etc,,.
  11. Mattallica

    gas gas sm450 impressions

    anybody have one of these or ridden one so as to get a good impression? I'm thinking of getting away from the crotch rockets and maybe moving over to a street legal motard...Th DRZ seems a little weak from my past experience..it has potential, but the gas gas 450 looks to be where I would like to get the suzuki. just wondering if anybody has any pros/cons experience with them
  12. Mattallica

    Top End On GPX

    I went up one tooth on the front and it started bogging a little out of corners (ice racing) so I put in the high compression piston and now it pulls the taller gearing just like it did the stock gearing...first is a little more useable..but still a quick shift to second. the GPX high comp piston kit was like $70(?) from AHP....worth it in my opinion...I haven't done any further hop-ups because I gave it to the kids for the summer.
  13. Mattallica

    engin help needed

    Not sure if it was mentioned yet...but I was experiencing the same problem with my Pitster and I thought it was improper jetting for the colder weather...I screwed around with the carb jetting and put it back together only to find that it ran just as bad.....it was a dirty air filter. Have you tried running it for a few minutes w/o the air filter on it? If you ride in dirt it will clog in a matter of a few rides,this is what happened to my son and I,he (ok..I) tipped it over in a sandy section of the dirt track just before we parked it for a few weeks ,when I started it up a few weeks later to go ride...ditto your symptoms.HTH
  14. Mattallica

    Good Reliable $2000.- pit bike

    Pitster Pro 125...$1700
  15. Mattallica

    Indoor motard event...

    IIRC there were like 26 qualifier races to set up the mains...and we couldn't start up until 12noon.