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  1. bulldog57

    250 in a 125

    Thanks for the feedback.
  2. bulldog57

    250 in a 125

    Can a yz 250 2 stroke motor fit in a yz 125 frame?
  3. bulldog57

    New 2mm over stroked Crank 159cc

    I sold both my 150s and have a brand new crank stroked 2mm over to make a 159cc motor. I will let it go for $225 or the cost of the crank. You benefit from the stroke part. pm me if interested.
  4. bulldog57

    2011 YZ 125 Bars

    Anyone know the closest bar to the XC 5 on the 2011 YZ 125. Thanks
  5. bulldog57

    Info needed yz 85

    how much does he weigh
  6. bulldog57

    YZ 125 Aftermarket Exhaust

    This has probably been discussed somewhere, but I can't find it. 2011 YZ125, what is the best aftermarket exhaust setup for MX. Which would give gains or improvements in the overall bands/performance. Procircuit, FMF???? Do I have to rejet for the pipe?
  7. bulldog57

    Info needed yz 85

    2.5 fingers under the chain where the back of the black nylon chain guide meets the swingarm. 3 if you have small fingers. 75-80mm sag. Clickers depends on how much your rider weighs as to how far from stock you go.
  8. bulldog57

    Buying a CRF150R this weekend..how much?

    I just sold our 09, and have an 08 left to sell. Just picked it up from having a new crower cam installed. 12.2 piston, MRD custom exhaust, really strong bike. $2100. Guess that would be in the ballpark for price. I also have a 2mm stroked crank that we bought, had stroked, and then decided to sell the bike. $229 for the crank, $250 to have it stroked, $260 out the door. Will make a 159cc.
  9. bulldog57

    Buying a CRF150R this weekend..how much?

    Our 2009 is for sale with 2.7 hours on it. It has an Eleven/10 mod package with 1 race on it, and a brand new cylinder and head that was put on for the mods. Add an FMF powerbomb package, rims and hubs and lots of bling and we are asking $2900. It's a scary fast bike. Oh, and it's in the classifieds.
  10. bulldog57

    Sorry, but yet another Carb Question

    My YZ 85 jets fit
  11. bulldog57

    Slipper Clutch

    What are the benefits of a slipper clutch. I don't know anything about them, so any info is greatly appreciated.
  12. bulldog57

    2010 crf 250r rear sprocket bolts

    Same as my 150. They work loose after a couple of motos
  13. bulldog57

    CRF150R Clutch Issues...

    08 and 09 150 rbs. Using Honda oil and OEM clutch. Oil comes out fairly clean every 3races, and never smells burnt. Never had an issue with the clutch on either bike, and we go back and forth between 2 and 4 strokes every race meet. Have about 1/8 free play in the clutch lever.
  14. bulldog57

    2010 crf250r rider weight

    Thanks, I appreciate the help.
  15. bulldog57

    2010 crf250r rider weight

    Can anyone tell me the approx rider weight the stock suspension is set for. Thanks.